18 March 2011

History repeats itself

   Our beloved American military, in the best interest, safety, security and sovereignty of our nation has freed the afghanistan's from the Taliban and the iraqi's from saddam Hussein. For ten years the people have seen the resolve and will of the American people to keep them free, thanks to a president who truly believed that all men are created equal and should live free. 
   This in turn has sparked revolutions all around that region, a region believed as lost to freedom and democracy. But instead of will and resolve in an American president, those peoples found an appeasing and dithering president of inaction and inability. One who doesnt believe in American exceptionalism and the basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's said 'history repeats itself' the case-church amendment ended our military presence in vietnam, but it promised 'support' from our government (with congressional approval) which never came, thus leading to the genocide of the Cambodian people in the 'killing fields'. 
   Stirred by hope that America would help free the Libyan people, they led a futile attempt at gaining their freedom, futile because of a weak American president who dithered and punted on American support for the Libyan people. Now it's genocidal maniac leader is talking about 'cleansing' his people of all who opposed him. And we still have a president who is silent on the matter. History is repeating itself.