30 September 2008

this democrat led congress

aarrghh!!! I am so frustrated right now.this 9% aprroval rated congress led by the democrats just doesn't get it.they keep saying that the American people want them to do something about this mortgage issue.yes ,we do,we want you to stay out of it!.100-1 people want you to stay out.why in the world don't you listen.your smugness and arrogance have blinded you to reality.you don't know what is best for us,you could care less about us.the government is for the people,not against the people.last year it was amnesty,a couple of years ago it was dubai,now it is drilling our own oil,and this,mortgage issue.on all these things you were,and are against the will of the people.darnit,you work for us!.remember that.

derrick w. hutchins

derrick hutchins is a pastor in florida and s.carolina,of the "church of god in christ".he wrote an article in the oct. issue of charismalife.in this article he states why he is voting for obama.for space I will will do my best to shorten this list without taking from it's integrity.he starts his list with race,obama is black,so is he.this is most important.then he goes on to say poverty,housing,inadequate schools,the judicial system.being black,he walks hand in hand with obama,saying America is a nation of inequalities(America is still racist,mean and nasty).hutchins believes it is government's job to supply everyones needs.not the individual themselves.he also states that mcain voted against the federal marriage amendment,and against making MLK's birthday a national holiday.but says nothing about Obama voting three (3) times against the born alive infant protection act,while senator in the Illinois state senate.he goes on to say "don't get me wrong I am opposed to homosexuality and abortion,but god gave people the right to choose between good and evil".which is hypocritical,being that mcain voted against the "federal marriage amendment",stating that the states should have the right to decide on this issue.hutchins quotes scripture at the end:2 chronicles 7:14 if we pray and turn from our wicked ways,god will hear and heal this land,and forgive our sins.this guy has no idea of what he is saying.he chose to let his politics dictate his faith,rather than his faith dictate his politics.to support a man that is pro infanticide(worse than abortion alone),pro homosexual,hates america(attacking her,here and abroad),has terrorists as his friends,and mentors,does not believe in freedom of speech.reed the news,he has state D.A.'s and police chiefs arresting anyone who they believe has said a lie about obama,signs are banned from rallies.this guy is not even president,and yet these things are going on all around the country.he does not stand for america,never has,never will.putting obama in the white house will only exaserbate these problems,make them worse.do you know why unsaved people hate christians,because they hate GOD.it is god that says what they are doing is wrong.Christians are to be the lights of this world glorifying god in our bodies,speech,actions,and thoughts.we don't hate anyone,god doesn't hate anyone.hello,Jesus.the simple fact is people don't like to be shown,let alone told that what they do is wrong.so there is a deep resentment for Christians.because we represent god,and they hate god.all in all,this pastor is wrong in his beliefs,he set them aside to vote for a man just because of the color of his skin.


28 September 2008

my wife &the chicoms

my wife recently got a new job.after spending the last seven years as a stay at home mom***clearing throat*** I mean domestic engineer.***excuse me,umhuh*** I stand corrected,domestic goddess : ) she now works for the red Chinese.as a sales mana...goddess.their rules are very strict,and they enforce them harshly.they run this company,like they run their government.you don't ask no questions,you don't get out of line.the other day the girl that is training my wife wore flipflops to work.they were nice flipflops with studs in them,even.well,someone told someone,who told someone else,and the next thing you know.she had to be re-trained on H.R. Policies of the proper dresscode.my wife told me it is very cut-throat there,you know dog eat dog.never leave a lead open,if you do someone else will steal it.you know all her life my wife stayed out of the gangs,now she gets this job,and is now in a gang of three.she made a pact with these two other women,it was a blood in/blood out-band of sisters type of pact.anywho,other than working under communist sweatshop conditions,she likes her job.and if she's happy,I'm happy,I'm soo happy ; )

27 September 2008

myspace changed my life

a couple of years ago the buzz was all about myspace.the big question was always,do you have a myspace.I would answer,no,myspace is for sissy lala's.then all the kids at church started to get them,even my wife got one.I rode her hard for that.it was an un-ending,merciless verbal assault of humiliation.all she ever did was get on myspace.the house went to crap,we almost starved to death a couple of times.thank god for dominoes.then one day when she went out on a bingo trip,I spyed out her myspace.I had to know what all the hubub was about.needless to say I was sucked in by it's gravitational force,so I went with my tail between my legs and begged my wife to help me make a myspace.ands her attack was a merciless,and in-ending verbal assault of complete humiliation.lol.so now I have my new myspace,but it's stock.so I immediately go into he-man,neanderthal,tim Taylor mode.***grunting***I know what this Myspace needs...more power!!!.so embark on my quest to trick out my myspace.spending endless hours,all nighters most of the time.if you saw me,you thought I was part of the living dead.but I was a fighter and I persevered.so with Myspace conquered,soon got bored.there's only so much you can do them.so I turned my creative energies to blogging,and here I am now,speaking my thoughts on the internet.my original thought on the subject of blogging was " opinions are like @$$holes,everbody has one,and they all stink!".since then ive added, some more than others.you know what this blog needs...more power!!! Lol.

trust conservatism!

with all this craziness going around the housing crisis.people are confused and asking,who do I trust?.democrats or republicans,liberals or conservatives?.the answer is simple.trust conservatism.conservatism when practiced is the same as abstinance,it works everytime.the dems want this 700 bil deal something fierce.why because they see it as a cashcow.if it works out the way they planned it,700 bil turns into 2 tril.and with in control of congress and having the presidency they will expand government to a never seen before monster.think of it like this fannie/freddie are the hulk,this plan is the abomination,the hulk on steroids.you will be looking at nationalized everything.the dems say it is not a bailout,the catchphrase they are using is "bringing liquidity to the market".you see "mainstreet" runs on credit,without money,there can be.no credit.as you know the largest bank in the U.S. Went bankrupt(Washington mutual)this happened because investers(you,me,and anyone else who had monies in this bank)pulled out of wamu to the tune of 100mil.so the bank couldn't cover their assets,so j.p. Morgan,chase bank basically made a deposit,thereby covering all remaining assets.which is why you still have money in your account.now the fed does not have 700bil to cover this deposit,so they have to borrow it,where do you think they will get it from?hmn.now I stated earlier,always trust conservatism,Reagan conservatism,that is.cut spending,cut taxes!you want liquidity,I will give you instant liquidity.pay attention,this is brilliant.first,we don't need to put ourselves into even greater debt by borrowing money.so don't do it.second cut the capital gains and corporate taxes from 25%cap/15%Corp to zero for the next two years.this is as long as they believe it will take for the markets to get back to normal.without this greedy government confiscating all this cash,the markets will have instant money,thereby making themseves fluid again.and we,the taxpayer don't have to foot the bill.and third,without this money,government can't keep spending what it doesn't have.think about this for a second,please,this very important.would you lend money and not expect it to be paid back?if they borrow,we pay,do you think they will cut you a dividends check she they get that 2tril?.you will never see any of that money come back to you,they will use it to expand government and give them more control over our lives.the odds are 100-1 of taxpayers that DO NOT want this bailout.this bailout is not good for this country.

26 September 2008

the house that tuna built

bill parcels,formerly of the giants,formerly of the patriots,formerly of the cowboys.is now the GM of the Miami dolphins.in week 3,the dolphins spanked the patriots.last season,I believe,they did not win there first game until week 13(dolphins).this shows you the man that parcels is.there is a reason why smash mouth coaches like parcels,ditka,gibbs,etc.don't fit in the NFL now.it's because of overpriced,glorified prima donnas.there fragile lil' feelings get hurt if you tell them something they don't like.the 90's cowboys were a perfect example of tough coaching.yes,a lot of their players had personal issues.but Johnson kept them in line.after Johnson left,the team went to crap.they managed to win one More super bowl.but in the end,they were self coached.switzer was a populist coach,he wanted to be liked,instead of respected.now,here we are again.12 years since their last super bowl appearance.we have a lala coach(Phillips)don't get me wrong,I'm sure he's a heck of a coach,but still lala replacing parcels.parcels built this team,Phillips inherited from him.parcels is equal to johnson.Phillips is equal to switzer.there is a good chance the cowboys can return to the super bowl this year.but without a coach that is willing to get in their prima donna faces and be abrasive.they won't be as great a team as they could be.

25 September 2008

bailout or cover-up

this is not a bailout of wallstreet,it is more a cover-up of the democrat fiasco.this is liberal policies at work.fannie mae/freddie mac were born in the nineties.the brain children of the clintons.the Clinton strong armed lendirs into loaning to people who couldn't pay back their loans.you know the American dream and all.well they couldn't pay these loans.so in stepped fannie and freddie to save the day.buying up bad mortgages.in 2003 bush tried to have these organizations overhauled,but was stopped by dodd,frank,and the rest of the dems.in 2005,mcain tryed to overhaul these same two organizations,and predicted that this would happen.he was stopped by the same people.you want to know who's to blame for this mess,all you have to do is take notice that there are no demands for heads to role.why not,because they are dem heads!.any time a republican pees wrong,the dems want them drummed out of congress.these are the major dem party players.chris dodd,barney frank(who are in charge of the oversight commitee of fannie/freddie.Barak Obama,frank raines,john Johnson(both bilked fannie/freddie out of hundreds of millions)something gorelick(bilked fannie out of millions)dodd,frank,Obama,Clinton received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from fannie/freddie.dodd being #1,Obama being #2.it was them that turned a blind eye while all this was going only yea and one more thing.this guy raines is obama cheif economic adviser.this is the guy that ran fannie mae into the ground in only six years.what did he get out of it $90,000,000.that's right 90mil severence pay.and that idiot Obama sticks his face in front of the camera and says "we must bail out the fat cats on wallstreet with such pay"sheesh,his cheif economic adviser was one of those fat cats.give me a break.dodd,frank and the rest of the gang demanding inquiries,they need to be thrown off this commitee.we have already seen what happens when the foxes are watching the hen house.

racism in America

A recent poll showed that 37% of democrats(white)would not vote for Obama because he is black.the Obama camp is now saying that if Obama loses in November it's because of white racism.it's the evil white man keeping a brother down,you know.let's flip this number okay.this also means that 63% are going to vote for Obama because he's black.more than 50% approval if you ask me.let's double flip know.95% of all blacks in America,not just the democrat party,in America are going to vote for Obama because he's black.is this not racism?.37% whites will not vote for Obama,because he is black.95% of blacks will not vote for mcain because he is white.who,again are the racists?Obama will not be the next president,and it's not because of the color of his skin.it's because of his policies,and his associates(America hating,preachers and terrorists).most of my readers already know how I feel about this treasonous scumbag.if you want to find out more or just read some of my other blogs.you can read them on blogs.Myspace.com/iamsson168.

24 September 2008

Upon further review...

I was thinking about clay Aiken's gay or not gay dilema.and a couple of things struck me as odd.he never acted like all the other gay and lesbians in hollywierd.you know showing off,parading around so that all can see their gayness.also he decided to adopt a baby with a woman,not another man.lastly he a a basic fundamental belief in god.he totally goes against the entire gay and lesbian system.the media,and in his case,the paparazzi also have been hounding him to know end for the last 5 years.in 5years I think they could have found at least 1 lover of his.but there is nothing.there is a difference between being gay and having gay feelings.clay needs to get a little deeper with his faith.homosexuality is a sin like all other sins.contrary to what the kooks believe,one is not born that way.the fact that it is a sin,means that he can be forgiven of it.he needs to repent,meaning...turn from his way,and go in the opposite direction.that is how you define repentence.he must think of this sin like alcoholism,drug addiction,etc.some habits are easier to break than others so he might have to work at it.but the reward would be great.I think clay Aiken is just a little lost and confused.

clay aiken's gay!?!

amongst all the real news out.drudge found the time to let us all know that,yes,clay Aiken is gay.after five years of being hounded as a straight guy.he finally came out of the proverbial closet.he was quoted as saying "I want to teach my children that it is not right to lie.and that how he lives his life is between god and himself and no one else.well good for you clay.it must have. Sen hard for you to pretend to be gay for so long.maybe someone shoould have told you that it's cool to be gay in Hollywood.just ask lindsey lohan.I don't mean to pry but me thinks clay's coming out had a little to with a recent poll of people who watch and participate in the t.v. shows American idol and dancing with the stars.the polling question was simple.do you think daly Aiken is gay? 73% believed him to be straight.he couldn't have that. Ow,could he.

22 September 2008

America...downright mean country?

michelle Obama was quoted as saying "America is a downright mean country".is this true,or something only her and those of her ilk believe.if this were true,why then do so many people risk life and death to get here.why does this country(people),as whole give soo much of It's money,time,energy,and prayer for those who are not as prosperous as we are.why then after times of war,we help to rebuild.making friends out of enemies.the only mean people I see and hear from are democrats,Hollywood,and the music industry.you see them on t.v. Hear them on the radio spewing out lies,hatred and propaganda.attacking with such viciousness,it's hard to believe that there are so many still wanting to vote democrat.we are learning more everyday about Obama's thug like tactics.my question is...when is enough,enough.when will voters realize that Obama is not good for this country.

21 September 2008

celebutards and politics

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing from the latest Hollywood idiot to speak their political mind.drum role please...lindsey Lohan,yes lindsey Lohan.one of the few in Hollywood qualified to speak about politics.this is a person who's life and career is in complete dissaray.so much so,she had to become lesbian.just so she can be cool again,and try to restart her failed career.it didn't work,so now she has put her two cents worth of opinions in the presidential race.as we all know,in Hollywood it's cool to hate the president and republicans.much like all the other celebutards,they just don't get it.Obama and the democrat party don't really care about them.all they care about is their money.which is why Obama had no problem with hob-nobbing with the "beautiful people" of hollywod last week to the tune of 28,500$ a plate dinner,and 2500$ a ticket to see that old has been babs sing 4 songs.they raised 9,000,000$ that night.and Lohan wasn't even invited.guess she couldn't pony up the dough.instead she was dismissed by Obama,and told Thanks,but no thanks for her help.I guess Obama only accepts help from a-list actors who can afford the dinner and show ticket price,and not some never been,wanna be b-list actor with no career.but hey,he still wants your vote.

20 September 2008

M.J. Making a comeback?

tmz has reported that michael Jackson is considering trying to make another comeback.well,it's your lucky day.I got some advice for you that will guarantee success.ok first mike,you got some nice pipes,but thats not your problem.you see,you're not living in reality.you have to come back to reality,neverland might be a nice place to visit,but you never should have stayed.I hate to tell you this bro,but you ain't peter pan,but you sure are lost.come back to the light.next,you need to gain about 30 pounds.this anorexic skeleton look you got going on ain't working.and damn fool get a tan! No one likes to see a pasty faced black man.it's not right.lastly,get rid of the monkey.as long as it's still around people are going to continue seeing you as a carnival side show freak.so there you have it mike,follow these simple instructions.BAM! Instint success.