12 November 2009

Holiday trees?!?

What are "holiday trees?" what holiday do you celebrate with one? Let's see, Christmas has "Christmas trees" independence day has "fireworks" thanksgiving- turkeys. President Obama is having a holiday tree, but what holiday is he celebrating?
A friend of mine says "Obama is sending a strong message of inclusion" since when was Christmas, and the use of a Christmas tree "exclusive?" Christmas is a christian holiday, but is celebrated all around the world. Even in times of war, fighting would stop on Christmas day. This new enemy that the world faces has changed everything! So now we have an apologetic president who is bending over backwards to try and please an enemy that doesn't care. Mr. President; announcing that you won't celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree will not appease their hatred for us. It only makes you look like the fool you are.

18 October 2009

Excerpts from the liberal bible

"The rich man's wealth is Obama's property; the ruin of the poor is his opportunity."

"In all labor there is profit. But mere talk leads to The Oval Office."

"You shall not murder, unless the victim is unborn, a white cop, or an old person who isn't useful anymore."

"I am Barack your god, who brought you out of the land of individual liberty. You shall have no other gods before me."

"The Lord giveth and Obama taketh away."

"Obama: come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and i will confiscate and scam ye and strip ye of thy fruits."

"He shall come in the spirit and power of Jimmy Carter."

"And on the Seventh Day, Barack said, let us rest with beer in hand, and thus it came to pass... that he has done nothing."

"The poor you shall always have with you...right now lets take care of the unions."

"Mine teleprompter is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet."

"Like a tree that is planted by the water-your far right ideology shall not be moved."- AMEN

"... And on the 7th day Barack rested for the Olympics had gone to Rio."

"... And so Barack turned the water into Kool aid."

"Blessed are the poor, for Barack shall give them your money."

"If we share a beer w/ him he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins."

"Thou SHALT covet thy neighbor's wife w/ impunity - UNLESS you are a Conservative."

"... And Jesus said,"Does it not say in the book of Karl...unto each according to his need?"

"For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but lose the majority in congress?"

"... And thou shalt love the public option w/ all thine soul,mind,heart,and strength."

"... And God created Harry Redi and no one has been able to figure out why to this day."

"Obama said,"before the cock crows thrice, one of you will betray me. "And Robert Reich said "Lord, is it I?"

"... And Barack said unto the Republicans, Get thee behind me Satan for I never knew you."

"For you know the hour when I will come for your money, it is every hour."

"Father don't forgive them for they disagree with me."

"Come,follow me and I will make you fishers of emails and tweets."

"Wheresover your wallet shall be, there will my hand be also."

"... And if anyone slap you on the one cheek ...Call him a racist."

"Love thine enemies and sell out your allies."

"When he had seen the face of Nancy Pelosi - Jesus Wept."

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, but I calleth you not a person until age 2."

"Surely re-distribution and massive taxation shall follow me all the days of my life."

“The husbandman that not laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits of his neighbor.”

"... And on the third day Barack still hadn't made up his mind."

"I will fear no evil, for Barack shall meet with them without preconditions."

"Do unto others what YOU think is best for them."

"Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air,& over the cattle..& then give them lawyers."

"Thou shalt not be accountable for thyself."

"Blessed are the appeasers...for they shall inherit the Nobel Peace Prize."

"Those who dwell in the shelter of the most high, probably got a subprime mortgage from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac."

"Adultery shall be determined by what the meaning of 'is' is."

"... And when Barack created the earth he looked upon it and said...that Kanye West is a jackass."

"... And when Barak came upon the money changers in the temple...he bailed them out."

"Physician - heal whoever I tell you to and send the rest to the death panels."

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten community organizer..."

"... And Barack fed the multitudes with nothing but rhetoric and kool aid."

"I can do all things through Barack who strengthens me."

"... And by their race shall ye know them."

"... And when the teleprompter broke - Barack wept."

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of Barack."

"One of you shall betray me tonight.But don't sweat it, we don't punish criminals."

"Thou shalt know the teleprompter and the teleprompter shall set you free."

"The wise man builds his house right next door to Tony Rezko."

15 October 2009

Signs of the tyrannical times

So. All this hope and change has brought nothing but an over reaching power hungry liberal congress who abuse their power  by attacking a private citizen in rush limbaugh(D- Sheila lee jackson). They did the same thing to Joe "the plumber"  
    Congress is by the people and for the people. Not by the elite and against the people. We also saw how biased the MSM is. If you didn't believe it before you should now. Journalism is dead. They do not show news, they make it up. Everything they said about limbaugh was a lie. Taken from a book- "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America," by John Huberman, which DOES NOT provide specific details regarding the quote. 
    Now onto the 2 jokes of Jackson and sharpton. These two want to pass judgement on rush? Jackson who is a Jew hating, anti- Semite? Who called Jews in NY "hymies" and NY "hymietown" Jackson who had a long standing adulterous affair with a woman and fathered a child with her. this Jackson passes "moral" judgements on limbaugh?
   Sharpton; of Farrakhan, brawley, and duke lacrosse fame! This "race baiter" among race baiters. Who made his name slandering those pesky "white interlopers." he wants to pass judgement on limbaugh.? He has one of the most vulgar and profane mouth's out there.! 
  the libs came out with all guns blazing!, the equivelant of America bringing out the army, navy, air force, and marines. Their mission, to stop a private citizen from owning something!. "don't politicize the NFL" they screamed. All the while, doing the very same thing they screamed not to do. Why all of this? Because liberals hate him!, (they hate and demonize everyone that doesn't have their beliefs). Because he shows them to be the complete fools that they are. And since they can't win any argument on it's merits, they resort to lies, and character assasinations. I posted before about the great and wonderful people that actually play in the NFL. To keep rush out because of his politics is truly sad.
What frightens me the most is, that these actions seem acceptable to people. From congress, MSM, Hollywood and the entertainment industry. "snitch" hotlines! All politics is personal, unless you are effected by it, you stay silent. Eventually it will effect something you care about. Then what are you going to do?. 

28 September 2009

Peter pan syndrome?

I have been thinking lately about what has happened in recent history. Or what has changed socially in the recent past that we, as a country have come to this point of accepting socialism as normal. What came to my mind is the "Peter pan" syndrome. People just don't want to grow up. They are responsible, but only because they have to be. Not because they want to be. If they could find a way of having their needs taken care of, not having to do it themselves, they would. Enter socialism. Mommy and daddy government taking care of their kids. If your like me, growing up in a "middle class" working family. You have at one or more times in your life didn't get everything you wanted. Sometimes your parents couldn't afford the $100 jordans, and you had to settle for "payless" shoes. That is part and parcel of life. Same thing with socialism. Government mommy and daddy, because of all their other dependents can't afford to give you everything you want. But you will get what you need. Healthcare, food, clothing, housing, reduced utilities. The only problem is your not living your life to it's fullest potential. You are living a life unrealized. When we were teens, we rebelled against authority, we couldn't wait to live our own lives, and not the lives of our parents. So what happened from then till now? Why are we running headlong into the arms of mom and dad big government. The same authoritarian rules apply. They support you, you live by their means, their rules. I just don't get it.

09 June 2009

I just don't get it

Pravda in Russia is saying "America is running towards marxism at an alarming speed". The EU is shifting to the right, France and Germany are saying our economic policies are dangerous and will not work. We almost lost our triple-A credit rating. Our main debter, china is worried that they will be unable to collect this huge debt of ours. Supreme dictators Chavez and Castro are saying Obama makes them look like "conservatives" in comparison. The government now owns the banks, housing, auto, and wallstreet.

Obama and his party of miscreants continually blame bush for this economy. "they inherited it". Now according to Obama himself, FDR didn't do enough, didn't spend enough. So they spent 4 1/2 times the amount bush spent with his TARP money. And the country is still messed up and is not going to get better in the immediate future. Using their logic of spending, why are they bashing bush?. He did the very same thing they did. The only difference being, he didn't spend enough. So bush was trying to save the economy also. Right?. Of course not, he's an evil republican, and Obama is a benevelent democrat. I've laid this all out there, mainly because I just don't get it. How is it that those who voted for Obama still believe his BS, still believe that he's some kind of savior?. What prevents them from seeing the basic truth that is in front of them?. Do they not realize a rising tide lifts all boats. That the freebies they receive will not benefit them in the end. When the price of everything goes up because of, in this case "super- inflation, their meesly $1000 a month plus foodstamps will be worthless. That they will stay poor for the rest of their lives. Is it worth it, just to see Obama and democrats stick it to the "rich". Governments pockets get lined with this money, government lives like the rich, off the rich. You peasants will never see any of that money in an amount that will change your circumstances. So I ask again, why do you put soo much "blind faith" in this man as your savior?.

03 June 2009

Will blacks ever...

will blacks ever admit that they voted for the wrong guy,And for the wrong reason?. I work in the oil industry, and was talking with a fellow employee about the economy and how our business is going to be affected by the rising price of oil. The very first thing he said was "and I'll bet you'll say it barak's fault. Yes, he's black, which also allows him to call the president by his first name. I didn't feel like arguing, especially in a no win situation. So I just moved on. Which brings to mind another incident with a fellow employee(black). That happened right after the election. He asked me if I voted, I said yes. For who, I answered mcain. "it's because he's black, that you didn't vote for barak". I quickly replied "it's because he's black, that you did vote for him". Back to the now. Of everything Obama promised to fix, nothing is. As a matter of fact, everything getting worse. And this by his own admission. Does Rome have to burn before they(blacks) admit their wrongdoing?. That Obama is nothing more than a unqualified joke as president. I hope not. Mid-term elections are coming quicker than you know. I hope they(blacks) will do what is right for the country, and vote for real change. It may seem like I'm picking on blacks. I'm not. They did vote for him as a race at 95%. For them this past election was purely about race. All that mattered was the color of his skin. The one and only qualification they needed to elect him.

02 June 2009

Freedom for one, freedom for all

dick Cheney said this quote the other day. "anyone should be able to enter into any union, any arrangement". I tweeted about this and it caused a firerstorm. Cheney has a lesbian daughter, and says this has been an issue for his family for a long time. Basically he's saying she(his daughter) should have the right to marriage. As the former veep he knows that is not constitutional, and the courts have no business trying to make it legal. It's an issue of the heart for him. And I can understand that. My legal issue with all of this is the "slippery slope" theory, or dominoe effect. Let's say that I believe that I have the right to have sex with and marry an underage girl. Who are you to deny me my "right" to do this?. I'm sure there are plenty of men who would support this. Do we then go before the courts and demand that we be recognized?, that they and the people shouldn't have the power to deny us what makes us happy. Under Cheney's premise " any union, any arrangement". I should be allowed to do this. Is this what's next?. What about more than one wife, men with boys, humans with animals, etc. I don't have the right to do what I wrote earlier. It is against the law. Does that mean the law is unfair, or unjust?. No, the law makes everone equal when it is blind, and shows no favoritism to anyone. We are not talking about blacks being treated unfairly and in need of civil rights. gay marriage is not the "new" civil rights. It is political activism at it's worst. It will not end with gay marriage. There will always be a "new" civil rights problem.

Words have meaning

let's talk about "rights", constitutional rights. We have the right to bear arms, freedom of speach is a right. These were passed down to us by the founding fathers of this great country. In today's society we have been dumbed down to the point where words have become meaningless. Where one can "love" ice cream, like they love a spouse. Constitutional "rights" are not a joke, they are not political. They are in fact "unalienable". The 14th ammendment gave "equal rights" to blacks. Because they were treated as subhuman. These rights were not given at the cost of everybody else's rights. That is they weren't called out, made special, and protected more than the rest of society. The civil rights movement came about because there were those who just wouldn't accept blacks as equal. For all men are truly created equal. Next came abortion. Abirtion was the new black. It is the "right" of every woman to choose this procedure. Words have meaning, just because you change the terminology of a word does not change it's true definition. Abortion IS murder. It is the taking of a human life. Now we have "gay marriage". Which is the new abortion. They cry that it is their "right" to marry a person of the same sex. What about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?. Nobody is stopping you from having such a relationship. My problem is that you want to be called out, seperated, made special, and protected. All this at the expense of MY freedom. You are not looking to be equal, but superior to me. You seek to make me subhuman. By destroying the institution of marriage. The constitution did not give me the right of marriage between one man and one woman. It only recognizes it for what it is. The foundation of society on this planet. It's no longer about rights as equal under the law, it's about forcing people to accept an unnatural premise. I've learned something about the constitution recently. An ammendment is just an add on to the original document. It is much different than a revision, where the original is changed to reflect the new. Roe v wade is "unconstitutional", it's not even an ammendment to the constitution. It is a court ruling. Which is why liberals care so much about supreme court nominees. If the SC leaned more to the right, roe v wade would be turned over in a heartbeat. Gay marriage is not a "right", which is why it's proponents use the liberal courts to get what they want. Government is by the people and for the people. The courts have no business in the way we are governed, yet in this day and age, they exert unprecedented power over our everyday lives. Gay marriage is a political agenda, not about "civil rights" as they claim
, it's not about making people equal, but about suppressing the voice of the majority.

03 May 2009

may day melée

I found it necessary my dear friends to give my account of what happened two years ago, may 2007. MacArthur park was the place, thousands of "illegal aliens" were gathered together in protest of American laws, that they break everyday, just by their presence alone. after spending hours marching down los angeles city streets, wreaking havoc on local traffic, and business. all this with encouragement and aid of "illegal alien Mexican" sympathizers and supporters like the ACLU, MALDEF, MECCA, LA RAZA, and our very own city government led by a traitorous mayor antonio villaraigosa. the marches were themselves, harmless. but the park is another story, where masked "unlawful combatants", or as I would call them. "illegal alien Mexican criminals" attacked peace officers who were assigned the duty of keeping the peace. they assaulted them with rocks and frozen water bottles sending more than a dozen officers to the ER. in the end the peace officers were demonized and blamed for what happened that night at MacArthur park. the police department was given a black eye that day. and by those who should have upheld them.

28 April 2009

by the way...

oh, and by the way. do you know who owns GM?. you get three guesses and the first two don't count. the UAW. the united auto workers union now owns GM. it was handed over to them as payback for their support to the Obama campaign. Chicago politics at work. Obama comes in, gives a few million dollars, takes control from stockholders, (who have more money invested) than hands it over. let's see, unions put in zero capital, gov put in zero capital, stockholders and taxpayers funded GM. now UAW and Obama have control. America, you better open your eyes.

destroy America policies

for all you people out there that are purposely and willfully pushing the lie of "manmade global warming". to what end are you doing this?. you are destroying this country. Obama pushed for "cap and trade" policies during his campaign. obama is again pushing for these policies, this time with the help of the "Eco- terrorist" group known as the EPA. who are now pulling permits, previously approved in new Mexico. coal is our cheapest source of energy, providing 51% of our power. "cap and trade" will destroy the coal industry. Obama knows this, but is still insistent on applying this destructive policy. these are everyday, ordinary American citizens just trying to make a living. every single job needs to be saved, and every single industry should have a chance to rebound and grow. government should not be the one determining which jobs, and which industry should be saved. it is UN-AMERICAN. I don't think Obama has had the problem of being "accused" of being an American.

Obama the superstar.

Obama is the only president in US history to abuse his power by forcing networks to carry another one of his lame @$$ speeches. this guy spends more time in front of a camera and on the links than he does in the oval office. so kudos to fox network for sticking to it's regularly scheduled programming, and not bowing down to the dictator himself. but before you go all ballistic on me, fox's decision was not based on going against the president, but rather on money lost from advertisements. in an economy as bad as it is, and with a president so willing to spend obscene amounts of money on dumb-@$$ things such as photo-ops, and special, I mean really special pizza delivery. so why won't Obama pay fair value for the time he gets on national television?. it seems only only fair and right. I personally won't be watching, but people need to get paid, they got bills to pay, families to feed. doesn't he care about them, or has he so soon forgot about where he came from?. the answer of course is no. he was always an "elitist", which explains why after 100 days every single one of his policies that he has rammed through are utter and complete failures. but I digress, if Obama wants to spend so much time in front of a camera, with his infomercial style speeches, he should pay for it.


arlen specter is this decades jumpin jim Jeffers. "I have always been comfortable in the republican party" says specter. "but I never let the party dictate my beliefs". specter is the epitome of a "politician". do whatever, say whatever, believe whatever will get you elected. the republican party was his chosen vessel in which to get into politics. and ok these many years since he was first elected into office(1966), he is doing it again. switching parties to get himself elected to office. at a recent "tea party", specter was continuously booed by the people. his time is up, he knows it, which is why we have the switch. one of the major differences between the parties is, republicans "play nice". they allow people like specter and Jeffers to remain in the party even though they have some differing views. whereas if you don't tow party line, the democrats will drive you out of the party. remember Lieberman?. the democrats will welcome specter into the party, but only as like an unwanted stepchild, and as long as he is useful.they did not spare Lieberman, they will not spare him. but what the heck, it's politically expedient, and he wants to have a job.

24 April 2009

stand up and be heard

jamie foxx has a new movie out. an acquaintance of mine is going to go see it. you would still go see it, even after what he said about mikey Cyrus?, I asked. yes, I don't let actors/ actresses' words or beliefs stop me from watching a movie they are in. I was taken aback by their response. in a time where even the president is talking about getting our morallity back, stuff like this is going on. my major complaint over this is of course, foxx is black and therefor given a pass on what he said. bloody murder was screamed in the streets when imus called college female basketball players "nappy headed hoes", let us not forget about kramer saying "nigger" while onstage at a comedy club. it's sad that blacks are allowed to get away with racism, just because of slavery. it's seems morallity has become relevant, and only applies to certain people. everybody should have been outraged at what foxx and his friends said about Cyrus. instead of showing passive silence.

27 March 2009

WTF black people

a just paroled man in Oakland who abducted a 14 year old girl and raped her murdered 4 police officers the other day. and what do the black people do ?. hold a vigil for the murdering bastard !. why, because he was black and the officers were white. you people have your heads so far up your asses that you won't even see that this guy was bad. the racism that exists today comes from you, because you fucking can't get over slavery. slavery had nothing to do with what that bastard did, and with the choices he made in his life. I'm fucking sick of you crying about this shit, while ignoring important details and info about what happened. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

lost souls

what hPpens to the person that empties themselves of their beliefs and morals ?. they become zombies, neither alive nor dead, wandering the earth Aimlessly waiting for someone to give them a reason to live. you see it all the time, a couple breaks up and one is devestated. they can't go on without the other person. they made that person their entire life. the sad part is this is done willingly. it is your morals and beliefs that protect your identity, who you are, what your worth. I say this because for decades now Christians have thrown aside who they are, and have become an entirely different creature. our freedoms have been systematically taken away from us, without even a whimper. and now we have notre dame a catholic school inviting president Obama to speak there. notre dames fundamental belief is in life. obama's fundamental belief is anti-life. abortion. 3 times Obama voted against "born alive, infant protection legislation", and is now considering rescinding the "conscious clause" for abortions. any doctor can say he will not perform an abortion because it goes against his conscious. if taken away, there will no longer be any choice. do it, or lose your license. it is a tradition at notre dame to invite presidents to speak. but what about your tradition of the sanctity of life. notre dame is risking to lose itself by emptying itself of it's morals and beliefs.

25 March 2009

got caught jeepin !

my dearest blog, I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you lately... no, no, it's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong. it's me, I've changed, I've found somebody new. and it makes me feel alive, vibrant. I still love you, but I can't stop spending my time with my other love. I don't expect you to understand, but I'm caught between the both of you. and I really don't know what to do. I don't want to choose, I can't choose. so... what I'm trying to say is... let's have a threesome, kay. mwuah !, love ya.

15 March 2009

hindsight is 20/20 !

as my wife walked by, my "hindsight" was 20/20 as i zeroed in on her bum and smacked that bootie!. lol, i'm just playing, that's not my real blog.

i realized something the other night while listening to some music. even back in the 80's music was "politically charged". i see now, and understand now, how totally ignorant i was, as i willfully, and happilly sang these "politically charged" songs. i was singing mantra, and propaganda and didn't even know it. the kids of today are doing the same thing. reciting words and phrases that they know nothing about, and will never take time to find out. if their favorite group sings it, it must be true. this was me. don't get me wrong, i am not an all or nothing kind of guy. i still "listen" to some of my old bands. the music was always the best part, i learned the melody of the songs way before i learned the lyrics. i never understood then, but i do now, words have "meanings", and i can no longer "willfully and happilly" recite certain songs i used to, and in some cases still do like. does that make me a hypocrite, or just a lover of my music?. nastalgia runs deep.

12 March 2009

legalize this !

I wrote a tweet about taxing the money sent to Mexico by illegal aliens in this country. a reader "suggested" that America legalize drugs instead, because everybody uses drugs. this is my answer. because I don't want America becoming like Mexico and having the frug cartels running this country. I like my streets without lopped off heads rolling down them. this my be culturally acceptable in Mexico, but not here. to legalize drugs would only sanction money laundering, with the government getting a cut. making a criminal an upright citizen by "default" is also not acceptable. but why stop with just drugs, let's legalize prostitution across America. make them pay their fair share also. I'm sure they would love to walk the streets without fear of getting arrested. ah hell, I'm already going down this road anyway. let's just chuck everything and become a totally hedonistic society where nothing is "illegal", everything is good. when this accomplished there will be more demonization of anything or anyone.

10 March 2009


is there still such a thing as an honest election?. can't my vote count just once. since prop13 way back when, I've seen the will of the people thwarted by activist lawyers and judges. overruling democracy based on their flawed ideals. I'm not asking for much, only that all votes be counted in this past mayoral election. last time I checked, the county clerck still had 46,000 provisional votes left uncounted. yet the race was given to villaraigosa. it is still numerically possible for a chance at a runoff between villaraigosa and walter Moore. out of the 46,000 Moore needs 13,000 more for him, and another 13,000 not for villaraigosa. this is possible, but however not plausible. nevertheless, we deserve to have ALL the votes counted. we los angelinos demand that all votes be counted. let the voters voices be heard!.

08 March 2009

tools of the trade

senators mcain and shelby are out on the circuit saying government should not have the power, let alone authority to determine which banks succeed and which ones fail. 473 banks received TARP money, many didn't ask for it. and are giving it back. they don't want the string that comes with the money. that being,government control over them. both mcain and shelby claim it is a backdoor access for government control. this is true, but TARP was only one "tool" for gaining this control. you also have universal healthcare. this will also be a way of deciding which companies fail or succeed. back in the nineties, Clinton was asked about "small businesses that. ouldnt afford to give their employees health insurance. she answered " then they shouldn't be in business".

it is not governments responsibility to run "healthcare", the "auto industry", "education", or the "energy department", the "banking system", or "wallstreet". yet this is what they are attempting to do. the American taxpayers are finally starting to show up, and voice their collective outcry against this growing and intrusive democrat government. and it's good to hear stuff like this from mcain, I just hope it's not mere rhetoric, and that the republican party in whole gets on board. the house republicans are already with us, we need todeal with the arrogant senators that are screwing us.

operation chaos: the revenge

this past election we (republicans) had our candidate picked by the democrat party and the MSM. it was then that rush limbaugh came up with " operation: chaos". it's sole purpose was to " bloody up" the democrat candidates, Clinton and Obama, and to keep hillary in the running. it worked flawlessly, Clinton was brought up things that wussy mcain wouldn't.

every day Emmanuel has a conference call with old Clinton hacks begala, carville, and stephenopulous. they came up with the idea of flipping the script back on rush. now democrats have no foundation other than power, and how to get it and keep it. everything they do is " poll" driven. by throwing ideas up in the air, and seeing if they fly. or in this case with rush, throwing an accusation against the wall, and seenig if it sticks. yes, Obama is practicing alinsky tactics. but this is a fight he absolutely has no chance of winning. so why do it?. enter "operation: chaos- the revenge". this has nothing to do with "marginalizing" rush, that is impossible to do. he is who he is, and he is not a member, let alone the leader of the republican party. there is less than two years until mid- term elections. Obama is sucking ass, and what policies he has put in place are showing him to be the radical leftist that he is. the only thing keeping his "approvall numbers" high is the MSM, who are keeping him afloat. but I digress.

now, the revenge works in the same manner as the original operation. to have republicans bloody each other up trying to ascend to the "leader" of the party. while doing this, they have little to no focus on obama's policies, besides they're bad for America. not a very good objection. it makes them look small and petty, with no real alternative. rush's original plan worked flawlessly, the only reason we didn't get the candidate of our choice was mcain. in the end it hinged upon him doing his job and distinguishing himself and the republican party from Obama and democrats themselves. something that he was unwilling to do. so many Americans did not see any difference between him and Obama. democrats have no problem with showing the differences between parties. like they say, they won't let a good crisis go to waste.
and the only true crisis in America is in the republican party.

now there are some in the party that can articulate the difference between parties. the question is are they willing to get hammered by the MSM for doing it. gov palin spoke plainly, calling a spade a spade. her ONLY problem was, and still is, no support from her peers in her own party. a gutless and spineless bunch they are. the sooner "leadership" is restored to the republican party, the sooner we can get America back on the true road of freedom.

06 March 2009


Obama,yesterday, in one of his many addresses to the nation was quoted as saying "everything is on the table, nothing will be left out. there will be no sacred cows". this was said about his health care plan. update: the only things not on the table are privatized health care accounts. in which a person can have his or her salaries taxes and put into a special savings account, and used when needed. and if a person takes care of themselves and the money is left in there, they can withdraw from it without penalties. oh, and just leaving it alone completely. the "sky rocketing" prices are because of government intrusion. if they get out of the "healthcare" business, prices will adjust to a more normal rate.

on a side note, president Obama still can't give a speach, any speach, no matter the size, without the use of a tele-prompter. and he's supposed to be the smartest president ever. for all the garbage that was said about bush being stupid, at least he could give a speach without the use of a tele-prompter. this guy is no genius. a good reader, but no genius.

05 March 2009

women, worthless ?

every time I hear of some girl or woman stay with a man that abuses them, because they " love him". I ask myself, why?. why do women devalue themselves so much. some stay out of fear for their life, which is legit, but in the end only prolongs the inevitable. can someone help me out here, because " I love him" is such as lame ass excuse to stay with someone who abuses you. is it something that is bred into women, is it part of their gene code, an anomaly that can't be explained. women have willingly degraded themselves for money for millenia now. yes, I think prostitution is degrading to women. to soil yourself with the emission of strangers does not give you any value. in the old days, I'm talikng biblical time, I could see it as necessary for some. women at that time actually were worthless. they had less value than animals. now young, cute pre-teen girls with their virginty were worth something. but only to the old perverts that wanted what was between their legs. they would be sold off to these pervs by their own fathers. but this isn't that time, and yet we still have women that believe they have no value. the oldest profession in the world has been "glamourized" as well as "legitamized" and is a multi billion dollar industry. women getting paid to degrade themselves on film, for the world to watch. what has happened to the real feminists, the ones that truly believed in equality of the sexes. todays young women need some good role models to teach them how to value themselves. because seeing another little girl like rihanna stay with a piece of trash like chris brown because she " loves him" is sad. what else is sad, is sorry SOB's like will smith and others that defend him, and trivialize what he has done. chris brown should be in jail, waiting to be tried for attemted murder. not running around in the streets free as a bird. when did beating and choking a person until unconscious, stop being a crime?. it is still, very much a "man's world".

03 March 2009


blah, blah, blah. poor Palestine. everybody feel sorry for palestine. the gaza strip is in ruins because of evil Israel. yup, it's all Israel's fault for everything that is happening in the middle east. much like it is geaotge W. bush's fault for, well, everything else. I am pro Israel, I am a Christian. their god and my god are the same. but even putting that aside, I am still pro Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah have been launching thousands of rockets into Israel for decades now. not a single day goes by without one. now we have Hillary Clinton asking Israel to help stop the violence and make peace with the palestine.

I have a few problems with that. Israel does not have a problem with the " Palestinians", but with Hamas and Hezbollah. it is not Israel attacking them, but rather the opposite. Israel has already given up most if not all of it's territory, save Jerusalem itself in prior " peace deals". Palestine does not want peace, it wants Israel gone. period!.

the word "bi-partisan" comes to mind. well, liberal bi-partisanship. Palestine says how it's going to be, and Israel has to accept it. if not, then they are made to be wrong, obstructionists. they don't want peace, they are the ones getting in the way of peace. anyway, here is Clinton telling Israel that they need to get on board with things. she also says that the US is giving some 300 million in aid to Palestine, along with 500 million from the UN, and 1 billion from, oh, I forgot. but my point is, all this " aid to Palestine, to help rebils the gaza strip because it's destroyed and not a single penny goes to Israel?. are they not our ally?,. freaking A, we help rebuild countries that we fought against in wars, and we have no "aid" for our own allies. that is utter BS. giving monetary aid to the " responsible" Palestinians is like giving aid to the reponsible mexicans. the corrupt leaders take it, and it never gets to where it is intended to go. to help those it was intended to help.

and who are these " responsible" Palestinians anyway?. where are they, what are they doing to help stop the violence?.but chris, their scared,if they say or do anything they will be killed by Hamas or Hezbollah. what can they do?. so then, why are we NOT backing Israel?. does anyone with a brain think that iaraelis like living the way they do?. hoping today isn't the day they die from a rocket out of Palestine.

this is the same scenario we had in Iraq. the people were slow to help us because last time we left them hanging. America promised support, and we renegged on that promise. leaving saddam Hussein to commit all the atrocities he and his sons did. he'll yeah, I would be reluctant to help. but thank god , bush kept his word to the iraqi people, and now they have true freedom. yes, we did WIN the war!!!. it's the same thing all over and over again. American leaders must choose to see right and wrong, good and evil, and not get it twisted. you want peace in the middle east, then go after the ones that destroy peace. you want a stable government in Mexico, so that it's violence will stop pouring into American cities. then go after those who destroy such things.

it was said somewhere to have peace, is to prepare for war. well, something like that. all I know is the "abscence" of war does not mean peace. is America to be "peace keepers" or "peace makers"?. a peace keeper refuses to see a wrong, and therefore does nothing to fix it. a peace maker, sees the wrongs, and fixes them. this is a nation under god, our constitution was founded on godly principles, one being that all men were created equal. and all deserve to be free.

02 March 2009

missile defense-less

an "un-intended consequence" of the Iraq war was the uncovering of the worlds biggest conspiracy against this country. sadly enough, we never hear anything about it. you would think that finding out that France, Germany, Russia ,and china were all in bed with Iraq and funding terrorist activities through the oil for food program would have been headline news.

now we have Obama talking with Russia about not putting missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech republic. was it only last year that the KGB, led by Putin,rolled his army into georgia attempting to put it back under KGB control so that he can control the oil. not to get off topic but we did find WMD's in Iraq, they were shipped to..you guessed it, Russia. but because of "strained relations", gee, I wonder what strained it, bush kept silent about the whole deal.

the missile defense systems that we were to put in those two countries were for our defense as well as poland, the czech republics, and Georgia's. Putin is as deranged as abombinadinnerjacket. and obama's looking to him for help with Iran?. but Iran is such a small country, it poses no threat at all. remember, you member. is there no limit to this administration's naïveté?. diplomacy doesn't work with these people, hello 19 UN resolutions didn't help with Iraq, diplomacy is not working with north korea,russia, and it won't work with Iran. it hasn't worked with Iran. hello, is this thing on, asking Putin to help with Iran, is like asking the wolf to guard the henhouse.

people, we are in some serious deep doodoo.

28 February 2009

the difference between a tax cut and tax credit

stolen from rush:

CALLER: I wanted to share quickly what I found out when I had my taxes prepared last week. The man that prepared my taxes for me cautioned me to watch out for my tax cut. He said, and you may want to adjust your withholding to take that back away, because the tax rate tables for next year when preparing taxes are not changing. So I could possibly owe my tax cut back to the government next year.

RUSH: You gotta be kidding. Not even I was aware of this trick. Say that again. They're not changing the rates, right?

CALLER: The tax rate tables that they use when you prepare your income tax.

RUSH: Yeah, these are not tax cuts.

CALLER: Right, exactly.

RUSH: These are transfer payments. These are tax credits and all that. There's no tax cut here. I should have been able to think of this on my own here, absolutely right. You're getting income, you're going to be taxed on it next year.

CALLER: Right. And we won't be able to pay it back $13 a week.

RUSH: 'Cause the same rates -- ah, man, your tax preparer is not only pretty smart but he's pretty forthright and honest with you on it. So what you are going to do?

CALLER: Change my withholding and take my tax cut away so I don't have to pay it back next year. Thank you, president, for nothing.

Obama is proposing to raise taxes on households earning over $250,000 by increasing the rate on the top two tax brackets and limiting deductions, starting in 2011. Republicans and other critics, knowing they will get little mileage from defending the rich, instead are casting the plan as a tax hit on people who run industrious little companies driving job growth. That's not likely, according to one in-depth analysis, which found that more than 95 percent of small business owners would be off the hook." The magical 95% number again, as in 95% of you are going to get a tax cut. Well, we just had a call, Gail in Lakeside, Arizona, and she just had her tax preparer do her 2008 income tax return, and her tax preparer warned her about the Obama tax cut that starts in April, where many of you ostensibly are going to see $13 more per week in your take-home pay. Withholding tables are being rewritten as we speak, so that when your employer gives you your first check in April you will see $13 a week additional in your net, and that reverts to $8 a week starting in January. Gail's tax preparer told her to be very careful because this really is not a tax cut because they are not adjusting the rates.

So the 13 additional dollars that many Americans will see in their paychecks is not the result of an income tax rate reduction. It's simply a tax credit. Even people who do not pay taxes will get this $13. She was told by her tax preparer if you take the $13 a month, that is additional income that you will be taxed on next year, in essence you'll have to give it back, because the rates are not being lowered and that will be called income. So there is no tax cut.

make sure you make your deduction change now so that you dont get hit next year paying the check. well you're going to get suck paying it no matter what. better to have it spread throughout the year, rather than pay it back in one lump sum. and yes, thank you president obama, for nothing!.

watch out for the FUDS!

as I mentioned in my last blog I found myself in a huge mess on one of my favorite web sites. you see, I was mistaken for a "troll". now a troll is a liberal blogger who goes onto conservative sites and " muddies" up the stream of comments. how can I have possibly been confused as a "troll". easy, I had a "dissenting" view. upon further review I noticed that there were self appointed and self annointed "troll hunters". these would spot the troll, identify the troll, then go after "it". I'm going to call these people "FUDS". no it is not an acronym, it is more like FUD, as in ELMER. ssshhh!, be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting trolls. hehhehhehheh. unlike wabbit and duck season, hunting trolls is never out of season. it's a full time job and it even comes with a benefits package. no experience is required, training is available. basically if you can point and shoot a gun, you're a shoe in.no discretion needed, shoot first, ask questions later. so, happy hunting : )

friendly fire

damn people there is some serious shiznit going on out there in the blogosphere.I don't know if iwas just at the wrong place at the wrong time or these over zealous mofo's were actually out to get me.whatever it was it was a total clusterfuck for me.80% of me says wrong place wrong time.only because there was only really one other guy with a dissenting view.so maybe I was just lumped in the same category as him labeled as an enemy.but I didn't talk like that guy did so that makes the other 20% of me say yes,they were out to get me.and only because I held a different view than theirs.the funny part about all this was that there was more shit talked about my spelling sentence structure and punctuation than about my view.

as I went back and read the thread again it seemed like my antagonistic friends were somewhat conflicted.like they weren't really sure if I was who they made me out to be.which would explain why they never really went in for a kill.towards the end one did finally make up his mind and deemed me an enemy.but it's cool if you can't stir up any controversy than you're not doing your job right.I really felt sorry for the people who were trying to understand everything but got lost in the fray.

anyway I look forward to our next encounter who knows maybe we'll be on the same side of the issue.but if not...watch out for the fireworks.oh yea for what it's worth this goes out to my new friends.I do ALL my blogging and commenting from my iPhone and any with an iphone will tell you.it guesses words for you in case they are mid-spelled <----case in point mid instead of mis.I am not behind a computer I am really texting all my responses.so there you have it so now stop bitching so much about it.

25 February 2009


an army soldier who went AWOL January 6th was arrested in boulder Colorado thanks to a tip given to police.end of story,NOT!.you would think it is,but sadly it wasn't.the reported took it upon himself to take a shot at the soldier by reoprting that when he was booked,he had three pairs of panties in his pocket,and was wearing a thong underneath his boxers.

where did he get them,what was he doing with them?,the writer ask's.what is this world coming to,when a perfectly straight guy can't wear a thong?.I'm pretty sure he is straight,mainly because the writer would put himself in deep doodoo if this guy was gay.the activist would have been all over him for embarrasing him,ridiculing him,persecuting him,you name it.the bottom line is he would have been toast.also if he were gay,the writer would have attacked the army instead of the soldier.

this writer made the story more about the underwear he was wearing rather than him being AWOL.and to finish him off,he let the world know where he was stationed,what company,and brigade.can you smell lawsuit,defamation of character.I think it could stick.I don't believe that the boulder PD went out and gave a news conference just to tell you the guy was wearing a thong.which is somewhat what the writer said happened."upon booking,the police said he had three pairs of panties in his pocket,and was wearing a thong under his boxers".yep,that's totally relevant to the story.

21 February 2009

do we really need?...

do we really need another awards show?,where pompous,arrogant,self-absorbed,ego-centric,sycophants showing America how beautiful and rich they are.if it were not for the minimum wage peasants that do all the "dirty work".there would be nonreason at all to watch.not that I do.I've never been one to fawn all over actors and actresses.to me,it's just another job.don't get me wrong,I don't mind rewarding success,but all these different awards for the same people is overkill.what is it that goes through the minds of the people that have to watch live,or set their dvr's,TiVo's,and still VHS'.can someone please explain this to me.

my problem with Hollywood is their political activism,and that they actually believe they are larger than life.that they actually "become" some of the characters they play.now at this award night,most,if not all the "participants" will be wearing white ribbons in support of gay marriage.there is no shame in their game.use whatever or whoever to further your cause.to willingly shove their activism down the throats of the viewers,shows a debth of contempt that is uncalculable.their arrogance is not without merit,still,many people will still watch,those who are on the other side poitically.why,not because they are sado-masochist's,but because they can seperate themselves from their politics.something that Hollywood is unable,or unwilling to do.

rise from the ashes !

I witnessed something I believed to be mythical.the re-birth of the dead? MSM.like a phoenix that rises from it's ashes,so is the MSM.the MSM was vital in getting Barak Obama elected.but how was this done?.if you listen to talk radio,"objective journalism" is no longer alive.that might be so,but what is in it's place,could be far worse.witness the birth of "entertainment news".the equivalent of talk radio.when you look at things from the entertainment angle,which is talk radio.

rush,hannity,levin are "entertainers".they take the news of the day and comment on them.the better you are,the more listeners you get,the more you make.it truly is an open and free market.

it doesn't matter how you re-package,re-invent shit,it's still shit,and people won't buy it.which is why "progressive" radio is a complete failure.which begs the question,why bring back the "fairness doctrine",in any form.don't forget,the MSM were a major factor in obama's election.with millions less viewers,than listeners on radio to boot.rush,hannity,levin,combined,have about 50 million listeners.the viewing audience for these televised shows is considerably less.so has the tide turned,is the shoe on the other foot?.what is talk radio going to do,to be more competative in this industry.it seems the student has now become the master.in a perfect world,this would be a good thing.but last time I checked,this world is far from perfect.which means that the democrats will still go forward with some form of the "fairness doctrine".because as we all know,it's never been about fairness or equality,but domination.it is about squashing alternative opinions.

15 February 2009

where did the help come from?

by now,you might have heard the name "henrietta Hughes".she is the homeless woman who not only managed to make it,get into,she was able to ask Obama a question.I'm paraphrasing...I'm homeless and all I want is a small house with a small kitchen and my own bathroom.so Obama tells her to get in touch with his peeps after the meeting.he was going to help her out.

well,she got a house.not from Obama or any democrat organization,or policy.no,she got help from a REPUBLICAN!!!.the wife of republican.Illinois state representative nick Thompson.she offered Hughes a home to stay in "rent free" for as long as she needs it.every news report out there fails to report this.rather,they "infer" that it was an Obama policy,or that it was the "democrats" that helped her.

12 February 2009

aren't there enough...

>aren't there enough "rich liberals" out there with enough guilt to pay for every liberal program out there?.why does the government need my money to fund their liberal projects.it's no great secret,this guilt that the rich have.why they look for all the "social" causes to champion.maybe it's crocodile guilt,they feel guilty,just not enough to part with any of their money.democrat john Kerry insists that the taxpayer get no stimulus money." they won't spend it the right way,on the right things".yea,we would spend it on stupid things like food,or paying off some debt,possibly even buying a car.you know irresponsible things like that.Kerry believes that if you get government money,government should have a say on how you spend it.they're doing it with the banks,what makes you think that you're special.seriously though,with all the money out there between the soro's,geffen's,spielberg's,Hollywood,and the entertainment biz,why can't all their causes be fully funded by them.let me have mine,and we'll all be just fine.

like they say in jail..."bend over a crack 'em!.
california's got a budget,and Californian's got screwed!.yep,that breeze you're feeling is your skirt being lifted,and your panties pulled down.
sales tax went from 8.25-9.75
gas tax from .18-.30 cents per gal.(add 9.75% sales tax on top).
registration fees just doubled.
there is also a "luxury tax" for lack of a better word.being a higher than 9.75% tax on big items like cars,houses.
there was other stuff,but I forgot.and you wonder why soo many people are leaving the state and taking up residence somewhere else.even the "illegal aliens" are leaving.why in the world are californian's not asking for schwarzenneger's head!?!.villaraigosa's also for that matter.we recalled Davis because of his registration tax,this idiot has screwed us much worse.villaraigosa is doing the same thing to the city of L.A.

06 February 2009

Hollywood activism

today LA times,Hollywood rejoicing after Obama statement that he would reverse bush's ban on GOV. FUNDED embryonic stem cell research.producer jerry zucker and wife,along with other Hollywood elites say "finally!,science is legal again".I never knew so many people can be so utterly ignorant."science" was never illegal,embryonic stem cell research showed absolutely no promise at this time.adult stem cell research yielded better results.if there was promise in ESC research than let the private market fund it,not the federal government.that was bush's policy.this is nothing more than the same Hollywood liberals who believe in abortion for any cause who want nothing more than "cloning" of human life.this is what it is all about.no value human life grown in a lab,then killed for research.all in the name of "science".these hypocrites cry bloody murder when companies do "research" on animals,raise livestock and chickens for food,yet not even a whimper comes out of their collective mouths when it comes to butchering millions upon millions of babies.in just two weeks in office,Obama has signed legislation,closing gitmo,funding abortion around the world and we can now add funding of babies farms for the sole purpose of eradicating their lives.

01 February 2009


as all the leaders of the works gathered this past weekend in Davos switzerland.one thing remained the same.the world's hatred of the united states.we were again bashed,not just by the loonies from the soviet union and china,but also from our other so called friends.France was saying that the Obama administration was engaging in "protectionist" policies.which is true,only here we call it "socialism".another leader said "just because GM has a new CEO,doesn't mean were all going to go out and by their cars".refering to the Obama administration.

translation:just because Obama is president now,don't think we all accept you (America).we still hate you.throughout his campaign,Obama apologized for America.claiming it was bush and his "cowboy diplomacy" as why the world hated us.Obama ripped America when he stumped in Germany.and it was the Germans ripping us at this summit!.I hate repeating this,not only because it is redundant.but it has a sense of mantra to it.but it bears repeating.we were sold a bill of goods with Obama.part of it being that the world would no longer hate us if he was elected.you know,the whole messiah thing.Obama got elected,and the world still hates us,the sea levels haven't receeded,the earth hasn't cooled,the economy has not been fixed,our mortgages haven't been paid,our tanks filled with gas,bills paid,poverty abolished,sicknesses healed,racism stopped.this messiah sucks!.good thing I believe in the real messiah,Jesus Christ!.I hope some of those messiah colored glasses are coming off now,and people are beginning to see this guy for the phony he is.

29 January 2009

thank you leslie oneill

daily news "commentator" leslie o'neill takes time to take another jab at former pres bush.with a thinly veiled column,she writes Obama, mistakes panes window for door.she laughs it off,saying it was an innocent mistake."he was in a hurry,just leaving the meeting with congressional republicans about his stimulus plan".then she goes off talking about how stupid bush was,because he tugged on a locked doorknob.you know with Obama in office now,you would think that these political hack commentators would have more than enough Obama to "stimulate" themselves with.that they wouldn't need bush to get off on,anymore.

by the way,Obama's "stimulus bill"...passed the house without one single republican vote (thank GOD) taking time off from being the messiah,obama put on his pontious pilate garb and quickly washed his hands of the whole deal.saying he doesn't"own" this bill.

oh,you own it alright!.

feeling their pain

there is a crisis going on in the liberal world right now.with former president George w. bush out of office now.liberal psycho pundits have nothing to say.consumed by BDS,they spent all their time in their pathetic meaningless lives spewing out hatred for bush.and now that he's gone,they don't know what to do.bill maher,rosie o'donnell,joy behar.they are all walking around with their thumbs up their rears,and confounded look on their faces.

we need to bail them out.so if there is anyone out there that knows how to get a hold of their publicist's.let them know,I feel their pain,and am willing to say very conservative and politically in-correct things so they can vent the anger inside of them.they must look like the girl in the charley and the chocolate factory movie that blew up and turned blue after eating that crazy gum.I can imagine them all swollen,all that stored up hatred.I'm talking powder keg,waiting to go off.

I can help with their problem,and it only takes one step.

28 January 2009

Ashley judd

>I would like very much that Ashley judd and all those who favor murdering millions of born and unborn babies would abort themselves and leave the innocent babies to those who love them.Obama is trying to "nationalize" everything else.why not murder?.murder by any other name is still murder.abortion is murder.was it not enought to federally fund murder in America,that we should now fund it around the world.sadly though,I expected nothing less than this from the man that voted "twice" against the "born alive,right to life infant protection act" in the Illinois state senate.

two quick things

oprah Winfrey:I've seen recent pics of you,you have been anywhere near a treadmill,let alone get knocked of one.because "hot rod" considered you for obama's vacant seat.

Obama and the dems own both houses.they own it all.they do not need one single republican vote to pass their "stimulus bill".my question why is Obama shmoozing it up with republicans to get them to go along with it?.
Obama has never been accused of being stupid,because he's not.it is said "those who don't learn from history,are doomed to repeat it".Obama,being the smart guy that he is.knows that the last time democrats ran an economic plan without a single republican vote was back in 93'.Clinton did it.the very next year republicans won back the "house of reps" after 40 years of democrat rule.Obama knows his plan will fail in doing what he says it is supposed to do.when it fails he wants some of the blame put on republicans,something Clinton or the dems could not do.they owned it.what this bill is truly intended for is keeping democrat rule for another long period of time.if this bill is soooo great,and would do everything it is purposed to do,why share any of the glory with the republicans?.one would think that having success on such a grand level,should bring about the death of the republican party.so...why does Obama want republicans in on this plan again?...

23 January 2009

aren't gays humans?

do gay people like it when you address them as "gay",.you know gay this,gay that.this is my freind Steve,he's gay.this is my co worker Sharon,she's a lesbian.has being gay been so politicized that one can't seperate the two.human and gay.aren't they just people like you and me?.just Steve and Sharon?.do they introduce themselves this way?.I'm Steve,and I'm gay,nice to meet you.should we put them(gays/lesbians) in shirts that have a big old "G" or "L" on it so that everyone will know,and,heaven forbid,mistake them for a heterosexual.it just seems to me,to be insulting and degrading to them as human beings.am I looking at this the right way?.or is it a more sinister thing like homo-superior,all bow down.I personally think it is degrading and shamefull to treat a person as sub-human by labeling them.whatever the label might be.

21 January 2009

obama's speech

well,it's late and I want to go to sleep.so this won't take long.
to quote Obama,himself:
"it's just words,just speeches".
I don't put much weight behind what he says,and there is plenty of things to critisize about this speech.but I'll leave you with this...
pretty speeches do not a president make.campaign time is over.it's time for him to get his hands dirty.

20 January 2009


what is this BS that we are getting from our state legislature.they want to put it to the people of California by a "special election".whether we will allow our taxes to be raised.what the he'll did we put these imbeciles in office for?.they are there to make sure this state is run correctly.every single one of them should be fired and thrown out of office.from the top all the way down to the bottom.what do we pay these people for?.they want a special election so they can just outright lie about everything and get you to vote more taxes.for what,so they can wash their dirty hands of everything and have no accountability.it is there jobs to to balance the budget,let them do what needs to be done to fix this mess wer'e in.after all,they caused it.this is nothing more than a ploy to keep their jobs.they know full well,that they are worthless turds.so go ahead,raise our taxes,withhold our rebate checks,cut spending for our schools,police and fire departments.this is what needs to be done.and after your finished screwing us even more than we are already being screwed.we,the people WILL fire every single one of you.starting with scwarzenneger!.

19 January 2009

hope and change

as a non Obama supporter I speak out on hope and change.I hope that all the men and women who are swooning over Obama would change your panties.it's not good hygeine to stay in soiled undergarments.and quite frankly it's starting to smell(fishy swah).this call goes out especially to chris Matthews,who has been having multiple O-basms for month's now.I predict that tomorrows inauguration is going to be modeled after the sixties Woodstock.orgies and O-basm's for everyone.someone is going to have a hell of a mess to clean.I'm sure there will be plenty of simple green and bio degradable Wipies to go around.

update:breaking news ! there are now available Obama thongs ! for those who are über patriotic.you can make all your Obama fantasies cum true with these bad boys on.but you gotta hurry time is running out fast for you to get yours.please don't let a good O-basm go to waste.

I'm now reminded of a joke,it involved Hillary Clinton,but I'll substitute michelle Obama.right before the obama's were to take the stage at the inauguration.michelle ran into the bathroom and shaved herself bald.after obama's speech he asked michelle to say a few words to the crowd.as michelle approached the podium she lifted her skirt and shouted...
READ MY LIPS,NO MORE BUSH!!!...and the crowd went wild.

16 January 2009

the oldest profession

so it seems the world's oldest profession is still alive and very well.there is a college girl who wants to get a masters in something (it doesn't matter to me) who is "selling" her "virginity" to the highest bidder.she says there is nothing wrong with what she is doing.as a matter of fact her sister prostituted herself to pay for her education.I guess keep it in the family was one of their motto's.I guess if youbtell yourself something enough times you tend to believe it.she believes that what she is doing is not prostitution.let me see.selling your body for money=not prostitution. and 2+2=5,yea,I know.she goes on to say that it is just sex,just a one night stand,nothing more.she also doesn't regret what she is doing,so don't feel bad or sorry for her.to my estimate the top bid is at $2.5 mil lastly she says that the both of them will benefit "greatly" from this transaction.now speaking as a guy,there ain't no p***y in the world worth that much.now I can see spending that amount on a woman (wife) over a lifetime of marriage,but not for a one night stand.the person who wrote the article at the end had this question.with girl's virginity's being thrown away at such young ages today(they themselves do not even give value to their own virtue) why would anyone,anyone be willing to pay such a price for something of no value.why ask why... a fool and his money are soon parted.

15 January 2009

when did...

so when did doctor's stop being doctor's?.my accident prone 15 year old son got hurt again,while playing football,again.this time instead of getting knees to the chest and missing abfew days of school due to a bruised sternum.he got his bottom lip split open from a head butt.now onto the drama.the doctor that sees my kids would not see him,so I had to take him to the ER.he needed stitches,so we wait and wait and wait.5 hours in this place and nothing.so we choose to go to a different ER and are there another couple of hours.for what,for nothing!.it appwlears that after a certain amount of time...6 hours or so the body starts to heal itself.so now my son has what looks like a stuffed sausage with a hole in the middle with a bit of stuffing coming out the hole.the best the doctor can do is just clean it up.so yes I'm kinda mad.I wonder if I can sue,I mean my sons face is going to be somewhat deformed.so anyway,I spent 8 1/2 hours in the ER waiting rooms,basically for them to do nothing.TTYL

isn't this the USA ?...

all across the fruited plain,from sea to shining sea.children in grade schools are going to be forced to watch the inauguration of Barak Obama.isnt this the kind of stuff they do in china?.our public school system is failing miserably,do we need to take away even more time from learning from them,.on second thought maybe it won't be so bad,a couple of hours less of brainwashing might be good for them.nah,just brainwashing of a different kind.reinforcing the notion that Obama is this country's savior.my god,doesn't anybody see how crazy this is!?!.this is unpresedented,stopping school to force them to watch an inauguration of a president.you would think we are annointing a king,rather than inaugurating a new president.

okay,let me get this straight

the liberal democrats along with their loyal accomplices the MSM viciously and mercilessly attacked "joe the plumber" for not paying his taxes.a mere 2-3 grand.but this geithner character failed to pay his taxes to the tune of $34,000 and it's "no big deal".this guy is going to be the next "treasury secratary" of the united states.and it's no big deal that he doesn't pay his own taxes.can the hypocricy be more blatant?,are there no more sane people left out there to speak out about this?.

another bit of liberal hypocricy?...
is it just me,or does anyone else believe that in such dire economic times as these.where people have lost jobs,homes,and health.that Obama is spending a whopping $150 million on his inauguration?.I mean with the class warfare they perpetuate,don't they run the risk of being hated by those who elected them.the voting populace that has bought into the "class envy" propaganda.the rich get rich while the poor get poorer.are they not showing their rich elitism.$150 million,and they bitches about gov.palin's wardrobe,that wasn't even hers.

just a quick question
is there any buyers remorse out there yet?...

13 January 2009

my take on rick warren

who needs him anyway !,let's just get rid of the whole invocation prayer in it's entirety.this government has been getting rid of god in everything else.dang nabbit ! what about seperation of church and state.Christians are nothing more than mean spirited hate filled hloier than thou's anyway.

j/k !!!

this is what I would call a no win situation.first if mr. warren had declined,all Christians would have been labeled as "haters".second,he did accept,and all Christians are still labeled as haters.third,and this is the icing on the cake.liberals get to watch "Christians" go at it with each other over his being chosen(warren).you see,not all Christians agree with his positions and stance on "certain subjects".

as a Christian his being chosen doesn't bother me in the least.he is still a christian and it is a priveledge to pray for the incoming president.when the rubber hits the road,we,all of us(Americans) want this country to be great.I just have one question...

why don't the same people that hate Christians and Christianity,hate Obama?.
he is a Christian,himself,and to my knowledge did not support the anti-8 crowd.just food for thought.

11 January 2009

googling,destroying the environment?

according to some doofus physicist at harvard.doing two google searches expense as much CO2 as boiling a kettle of water for tea.no matter how hard i try,I can't stop laughing about this.these enviro-wackos are such a joke.all their claims are just so laughable.but on the upside,knowledge is power.and with power comes responsibility.or ir-responsibility.I am also glad that I found out this information now.since Christmas is over,I no longer want it to remain cold.so I'm doing my part to warm this place up.you know,by googling.sometimes even multiple times a day even.what can I say,I'm a machine ; ) so I'm asking all my readers to please google multiple times a day and together we can warm this planet again.

03 January 2009

what a rip

I recently upgraded from my 2G Iphone to the 3G Iphone.it wasn't much of an upgrade.it seems that the area I live in is not within the 3G network area.so I still run off the old "edge" network.I was told that the 3G maps was "turn by turn".it isn't.methonks I should have rather kept my old phone.nevertheless,I still have the best cell phone on the market today.but,have no doubts,if or when something better does hit the market,I will be one of the first ones to "upgrade". so,until then...

02 January 2009

hello...I'm back !

>I hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and happy new year.in the spirit of Christmas,you know.good will towards men.I chose not to be my normal obnoxious self by blogging on anything,let alone politics.I did not even go through any of my websites to read up on what's happening politically.which by the way,made for a beautifull Christmas and new years.I did though try to get my daily fix of "CGGB".needless to say,not much happened there.so I went total archival!.ok,time for some catchup.ramblingman just turned the big 40 on dec. 20,I spent 4days in vegas to celebrate.I also celebrated my 12th weddidng anniversary on the same day(a story to be told later).Christmas was awesome,new years...safe and sane,and now I look forward to a very prosperous year.I also am returning to work after 3 months off because of my back.definately looking forward to that.a man can only wear a skirt for so long(chauvenist pig comment).anyway I'll hit ya back later.