28 April 2009

by the way...

oh, and by the way. do you know who owns GM?. you get three guesses and the first two don't count. the UAW. the united auto workers union now owns GM. it was handed over to them as payback for their support to the Obama campaign. Chicago politics at work. Obama comes in, gives a few million dollars, takes control from stockholders, (who have more money invested) than hands it over. let's see, unions put in zero capital, gov put in zero capital, stockholders and taxpayers funded GM. now UAW and Obama have control. America, you better open your eyes.

destroy America policies

for all you people out there that are purposely and willfully pushing the lie of "manmade global warming". to what end are you doing this?. you are destroying this country. Obama pushed for "cap and trade" policies during his campaign. obama is again pushing for these policies, this time with the help of the "Eco- terrorist" group known as the EPA. who are now pulling permits, previously approved in new Mexico. coal is our cheapest source of energy, providing 51% of our power. "cap and trade" will destroy the coal industry. Obama knows this, but is still insistent on applying this destructive policy. these are everyday, ordinary American citizens just trying to make a living. every single job needs to be saved, and every single industry should have a chance to rebound and grow. government should not be the one determining which jobs, and which industry should be saved. it is UN-AMERICAN. I don't think Obama has had the problem of being "accused" of being an American.

Obama the superstar.

Obama is the only president in US history to abuse his power by forcing networks to carry another one of his lame @$$ speeches. this guy spends more time in front of a camera and on the links than he does in the oval office. so kudos to fox network for sticking to it's regularly scheduled programming, and not bowing down to the dictator himself. but before you go all ballistic on me, fox's decision was not based on going against the president, but rather on money lost from advertisements. in an economy as bad as it is, and with a president so willing to spend obscene amounts of money on dumb-@$$ things such as photo-ops, and special, I mean really special pizza delivery. so why won't Obama pay fair value for the time he gets on national television?. it seems only only fair and right. I personally won't be watching, but people need to get paid, they got bills to pay, families to feed. doesn't he care about them, or has he so soon forgot about where he came from?. the answer of course is no. he was always an "elitist", which explains why after 100 days every single one of his policies that he has rammed through are utter and complete failures. but I digress, if Obama wants to spend so much time in front of a camera, with his infomercial style speeches, he should pay for it.


arlen specter is this decades jumpin jim Jeffers. "I have always been comfortable in the republican party" says specter. "but I never let the party dictate my beliefs". specter is the epitome of a "politician". do whatever, say whatever, believe whatever will get you elected. the republican party was his chosen vessel in which to get into politics. and ok these many years since he was first elected into office(1966), he is doing it again. switching parties to get himself elected to office. at a recent "tea party", specter was continuously booed by the people. his time is up, he knows it, which is why we have the switch. one of the major differences between the parties is, republicans "play nice". they allow people like specter and Jeffers to remain in the party even though they have some differing views. whereas if you don't tow party line, the democrats will drive you out of the party. remember Lieberman?. the democrats will welcome specter into the party, but only as like an unwanted stepchild, and as long as he is useful.they did not spare Lieberman, they will not spare him. but what the heck, it's politically expedient, and he wants to have a job.

24 April 2009

stand up and be heard

jamie foxx has a new movie out. an acquaintance of mine is going to go see it. you would still go see it, even after what he said about mikey Cyrus?, I asked. yes, I don't let actors/ actresses' words or beliefs stop me from watching a movie they are in. I was taken aback by their response. in a time where even the president is talking about getting our morallity back, stuff like this is going on. my major complaint over this is of course, foxx is black and therefor given a pass on what he said. bloody murder was screamed in the streets when imus called college female basketball players "nappy headed hoes", let us not forget about kramer saying "nigger" while onstage at a comedy club. it's sad that blacks are allowed to get away with racism, just because of slavery. it's seems morallity has become relevant, and only applies to certain people. everybody should have been outraged at what foxx and his friends said about Cyrus. instead of showing passive silence.