21 November 2008

world toilet day

today is world toilet day.the days of "flushing toilets" is over they say.make way for the new waterless toilets.these toilets know how to seperate urine from fecies.what it does with them,I don't know.

what I do know is this.I found a new job for the Mayer of los angeles.this job is right up his alley.back a few years ago,when "illegal aliens" marched down the streets of los angeles.he stood at a podium and shouted...


since you are more interested in being an activist/lobbyist,when you give up your position as mayor.there will be a toilet brush and jumpsuit(with the name bubba on it) waiting for you.it seems to me,it might get a little ugly in them thare bowls without water.

just another PSA announcement for you

this might come as a shock

this might come as a shock to some of you.but I agreed with former president Clinton on his "don't ask,don't tell" policy.to restrict people from serving in our military because of sexual orientation is stupid(they don't ask a person if they are racist,do they)I'm sure there are some serving.

it does not and should not be a determing qualification on a persons ability to serve.his move was brilliant.1) it allowed those willing to serve,serve.2) it prevented un-unnecessary lawsuits by militant activist's.

ask yourself,who is more dangerous.a murderer,rapist,or homosexual serving next to you?.let's see,a murderer will kill anyone,straight or not.a rapist will rape anyone,straight or not,a homosexual will check you out in the shower.I'm being absurd to show absurdity.

don't quote me on this,but I speak with almost assurety.95%+ of gays just want to live their lives in peace.the right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.they serve for the same reason every other person serves.pride in our country,freedom,and they are willing to risk their lives to do so.

a benefit of serving is learning discipline,and core values.which is then carried over into their private lives.ex-military people are some of the most successfull people out there.to keep gays out of the military is to say,they don't want success for their lives,all they want is a good piece of @$$!.Obama needs to leave this policy alone,this is not a can of worms that needs to be opened.

this might not be PC,but then,since when have I cared about being PC.there are "gays" and there are "flamers".straight guys do not like

"flamer": a non discriminate gay person.this is the guy that wears neon pink hot pants and a tube top,and will hit on every guy in a room.
"gay": just like you and me,discriminate,keeping his sexuality to himself.
just like nobody likes a guy that will hit on every girl in a room,who boasts on how he is built like a horse.nobody likes a "flamer".behavior like that will bring on a swift @$$ kicking in the lens room."gays" in the military...ok."flamers" in the military...not!.

19 November 2008

I found my happy place

okay,I'm calm,cool,and collected.I'm going to continue on from my last blog.if the mayor of los angeles,and governor of the state want to march,and file suits with the anti-prop 8 people that is fine with me.if they desire to be activist/lobbyist's they must first resign from their positions as mayor and governor.they were elected to represent all the people,not a vocal and violent minority.the same thing goes for those in the city assembly that voted to push for lawsuits.resign your positions,then you can march up and down city streets to your hearts content.

when will the non-militant anti 8 people realize that those whom they support(the people and party of "tolerance") have absolutely zero tolerance for those who do not agree with them.you are witnesses now to how they feel about them.by remaing silent,you are guilty by association,and thereby support their militant tactics.even the getaway driver in a bank robbery is guilty of robbing the bank.I know for a fact that not all those who are against prop 8 are as extreme as those you see in the news.fear is why you wont stand up.fear is what keeps good people from being witnesses in gang crimes.you know full well,if you stand up,they will turn on you and do to you,what they do to their enemies.the anti-8 people demand that you bow down to their oppressive will,and will not stop until they accomplish their states goal.

18 November 2008

now I'm pissed!

I live in the city of L.A. and I hate the mayor.he is an incompetent fool.who has driven this city into the ground.and he's not even here half the time.this ex gang member,4 time bar flunky,adulterous whore wants to tell us what Jesus would do.in regards to prop 8.this fool doesn't know the first thing about Jesus.he has no business speaking for him.it's obvious to me he has never even read the bible,because he has no idea of what hell he is talking about.try reading Romans chapter 1,idiot.yes, I'm pissed off!.all you god hating,Christian hating people,you who attack us on a daily basis.who reject god and his statutes.want to speak on his behalf.shut the hell up!.your time,mayor is coming up soon.you will not be re-elected.walter Moore is going to take you down.and the press cannot ignore him because he made enough campaign money to get matching funds to put him on the stage with your sorry @$$!.when you're gone don't forget to take that other idiot with you,schwarzennegger.you may have only screwed up the city,this guy screwed the whole state.

again,yes,I am pissed off!!! how dare anyone who hates and rejects god and his statutes dare to speak on his behalf!!!!


I posted a blog yesterday titled "like it should be".I just need to clarify something with y'all.in respect to my title and the actual blog itself.what I refer to is my discusion with my friend.that we had such a civil discourse on the subject of prop 8.there were no name calling,no heated arguements for or against it.just two people with different opinions talking with each other.this is the way it should be.this is the way it could be,if people choose to talk WITH one another.instead of AT each other.now I'm not saying you can't be passionate about something.but there is a difference between passion and zeal.nobody likes a zealot,but they can appreciate passion.

thare be pirates out there!

did you know there are honest to god real pirates out there today.I'm sure they're not the swashbuckling type.but they are real nonetheless.they took over a Saudi oil cargo ship,while on the seas.I believe they are holding the crew to ransom.if the ransom is not paid,they would either run the ship aground(spilling all it's cargo),run the ship aground and blow it up,or just spill it's cargo in the open seas.the ship was carrying I belive 200 million gallons of oil.environmentalist's say,if run aground this spill would make the exxon valdes look like nothing in comparison.did I mention,there are real pirates out there.this looks like a job for the navy "seals".to go in there and bust a few caps in these pirate @$$e$!!!.

17 November 2008

like it should be

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine earlier today.we dicussed prop 8.me being for it,her against it.it was very civil,considering the polarizing nature of the topic.I later began thinking,how is it that such things can get so crazy.especially homosexuality.it is not just a cause,it's gotten a life of it's own.people can't seperate themselves from their beliefs.if you speak against one,you speak against the other.it is literally taken personally.as a Christian I have caught grief for this.you know I'm a hater.I hate gays and I don't want them to be happy or equal to me,well because they are beneath me.this could not be further from the truth.I just come at this from a different perspective.which is,homosexuality is just another sin.like adultery,theft,etc. I believe there is an absolute truth in this life.it is not relative,or semantics.I know,who am I to judge them,to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.but in truth,I judge no one,god is the one true judge.whether you believe in him or not.you know there are people out there that believe it is okay to have sex with children and babies.to have sex with animals.to them truth is relative,they believe it's okay,so who am I say different.raping murderers in jail despise child molestors.and when given the chance will kill them on sight.is this not,mere moral equivalence.there must be absolute truth.good and evil.I think it was Orwell who wrote "without god,anything goes".do homosexuals say rape is wrong,child molestation is wrong?.do they think it.if an initiative was placed on a ballot to legalize child moestation of boys(I say boys,because there is a real group,that believes it is okay for this to take place).would they vote against it?.would they be considered "haters".they want what homosexuals want. "equality".they want this practice to be as widely accepted as homosexuality.they too want to "come out of the closet".and make you accept them,not tolerate them,but accept them.if you don't they will attack you,if you say anything against them it will be considered hate speach.if you don't accept them you will be a bigot and man-boy lover-aphobe.they are truly watching,and waiting to see the outcome in this political battle concerning gays and lesbians.I believe this should not even be a political issue.it didn't belong in politics.it always has been and should have remained a moral issue.you don't have to believe in god,let alone accept his statutes.we all have free will.in saying that,nobody should have the power to impose their will on anyone else.the right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness is ours for the taking.but must be done within the
parameters of the laws that govern it.

the group I spoke of is NAMBLA
north American man boy love association

time to boycott!!!

there is a decades old war in America.between Christians and Christianity and those who hate them.it started many years ago with "seperation of church and state".a catchphrase turned into mantra to demonize the enemy,just like "swiftboating".this was done to get Christians out of politics.Christianity IS a part of this country.this country was founded on it's principles.whether you like it or not.but there are those(who are in a minority,and behind closed doors) are trying to remove god from this country.they have removed Christmas and Easter vacations from our schools,removed praying and taking a bible on campus.you cannot teach any of it's principles.in gov.you can't even say "merry Christmas",you cannot wear red and green colored clothing during this time.they have removed crosses off gov. seals.Christians have been labeled "haters" because we are finally starring to defend ourselves in the political arena.parents are being told they have no rights over what their children are being taught.once they cross the threshhold onto campus.they belong to the gov.there is no thing as parental notification on questionable subjects,no "opting out".so now we are coming upon the "holidays".yes there are a few holidays bunched together.but only one where you buy gifts to give.that is Christmas.this is where the boycotting comes in.ANY store whose policy is to remove Christmas.do not buy there.if as a christian,you are celebrating the birth of your lord and saviour.do not give your hard earned money to a business that rejects what you stand for.let the secular world prop them up.there are businesses out there that believe in Christmas.the bottom line is you do not have Christmas without Christ.let's show the "Christian haters" that we can use the same tactics as they do.only without threats,intimidation,or violence.we don't have to stand outside of their businesses with signs and attack those who patronize their establishment.we can still send a strong message to these people.if you want our business you must tolerate our beliefs.in any business out there,you can't put down your customers and still expect them to buy from you.this is what happens at Christmas time.Christians are spat in the face,being told I don't believe your Christian garbage.but give me your money anyway.enough is enough.let's show the world we are real,and we mean business.yes the world.Christmas is celebrated all around the world.and there are Christians in every nation.

15 November 2008

batman or superman ?

batman or superman,who's the greatest superhero?.I believe I'd is batman.my 15 year old says superman.so in my own biased opinion,I will state why batman is the greatest superhero.yes,superman has powers,but he also has 2 huge weaknesses.1). cryptonite,even in small amounts it is deadly to him.2). he's not all that bright,always choosing to rush in.superman's greatest enemy was a human(with superior intellect).which leads me to batman.it is in fact batman's superior intellect that makes him the best.to create weapons,come up with tactics.sheer brute strenghth doesn't match up to intellect.never has,never will.also look at batman foes,all of them were criminal masterminds.just to prove my point even more.if you look at ALL "justice leagues" past and present,superfriends,what have you.batman was always the leader.see,brains over Brawn.

14 November 2008

confuscious say...

confuscious say: man who go to bed with itchy butt..
wake up with smelly finger!.

confuscious also say: man who go through turnstyle sideways...
going to BANGKOK!.

a pirate with a steering wheel on his penis walks into a bar.
bartender: you know you have a steering wheel on your penis.
pirate: AARGH!...it's driving me nuts!.

13 November 2008

to comment...

to comment,or not to comment.that is the question.come with me as I take you on a journey to the darkest recesses of my mind.as I try to explain......the comment.what is a comment?,is it good or bad?.in the hands of the wrong person,it could bring pain,maybe even death
:-O!!!.but in the hands of a skilled professional,it most definitely brings life. : P
I recently "came clean",or "out of the closet" concerning a condition I had.in light of this revelation I found leaving a "comment" on someones blog,and "commenting" on someones blog.are two very different things.commenting on someone else's writings was "reactionary".whereas leaving a comment took more time and thoughtfulness.which is why I don't leave " comments".I like being shallow.j/k ttyl


if you live in a world all by yourself..insanity is not far behind.

12 November 2008


I just got back from delusional city,in the land of daily kos.I read a blog written by parker2001.inhis blog he is angry at the msm for doing interviews(too many) of governor palin.this same msm that had multiple orgasms over the past two years over Obama.in this persons mind the tingling sensations running down matthew's legs are gone.and they(msm) are an "official arm"of the republican party.LOL!,I'm sorry I can't help myself.this is ludicrous.this is the same media that did everything in it's power to destoy this woman.now the are an official arm of the republican party.Parker goes on to say that he is increasingly furious,because in his mind.they are giving gov. palin more air time than Obama.might I remind parker,this is the same msm that did absolutely nothing to vet obama.and when anything questionable came up.they covered for him,or just ignored it all together.i have noticed that the press is in it for themsevles.yes they have chosen who's side they want to be on.and are 100% completely biased.but they still want to be relevant.they want to be important.they helped get Obama elected,that was their goal.they pat themselves on the back for that.but they don't want to share in his presidency.the dirty secret is,they know full week who this guy really is.and what havoc he is going to wreak on this nation.and that,they want no part of.don't get me wrong,they will still do everything they can to help Obama,for as long as they can.bit when "it" hits the fan.they will jump ship.you are already seeing a distancing.matthew's,and brokaw saying "they don't know who this guy is,nobody knows who this guy is(although they really do).and another reporter saying Obama is "creepy".Parker,live in reality,the "historic" part is over.gov.palin is a threat to you and your party.because she is a true conservative.despite what you hear from your peers,there was no mandate for Obama.republicans were punished by their own.obama only got 52% of the vote,bush got 51% in 2004.yet with bush,the country was divided,and Obama,the country is united?.I don't think so.and another thing the single most important issue that put Obama over the top...tax cuts!.he had to pretend to be conservative in order to win.the majority of people believed they are going to get a tax cut from this guy.gov.palin really believes in them,and is not lying just to get you to vote for her.

11 November 2008

somebody please

can somebody please tell this buffoon of a governor,that we don't need to be taxes more!.if he wants to tax someone,he should tax the money sent back to Mexico,by illegal aliens working "under the table".last year 20 billion untaxed American dollars were sent back to Mexico.20 billion taxed at 10% -2 billion for our treasury.while you're at it,remind him,the one thing that got him elected in the first place.was his promise to repeal the triple rate car registration tax that Davis imposed on us.so don't hike our rates now.and last but definitely not least.we have a vast resource of wealth off our coast's.if he schwarzennegger would take his head out from of his behind,he might get a clue.the American people want us drilling our own oil,to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.it's just a fringe benefit of having the oil in your backyard,that you get a cut out of the profit.don't you think this income will help.this fool thinks he is re-electable,if he so chooses to run again.whether he does or doesn't,the financial problem will still be there,unless something is done now.and I'm not talknig about taxing the states citizens into oblivion.

10 November 2008


what is it with these darn NFL coaches that keep playing from the same script?.are they incapable of learning?,or doingsomething unconventional?.I swear,these guys are so predictable.whisenhunt,coach of the Arizona cardinals,almost cost his team the game tonight.why because of predictable,stupid play calling.Phillips,coach of the Dallas cowboys,did the same thing against the eagles.it's not that hard to understand,yet they don't.if your team is controlling the game,you don't just try to kill some time,then play prevent football.where is the logic in giving your opponent a chance to score a game winning drive?you have the ball and momentum,you ram it down there throats!.for those whondont know what I'm talking about.this is it.when there is less than 3 minutes or less in the game.all you need is 1 first down,instead of going fir it,you play conservative,you don't get the first down and you end up punting.the other team now has a chance to score the go ahead td or field goal.my point being,all you need is 1 first down,than you can take a knee,and run out the clock.you are in control of the game.in tonight's game the 49ers came within 2 yards of winning the game.my beef is still,why even give them that chance,when all you needs was a freaking first down.

09 November 2008

knott's was off the hiz-zie

wassappening my peeps?.just wanna give y'all the 411 on knott's yesterday.it was dope!.me,the wifey,my 10 year old(he made a speedy and full recovery from his boy meets car incident).also with us was my 22 year old son.you know we(the wifey and i) had such a hard time finding a teen willing to go with us.my 22 year old was the last minute choice.you see my 10 year old is one crazy mofo,just like his pops.because of this,my 14 and 15 year old boys,my two 13 year old nephews did not want to go.they were all afraid to go on the big boy rides.so it worked out perfect with my 22 year old.we got there right at 10:am,we went all around the park,starting in camp snoopy,ending at ghost rider.my boys hit every ride.the lines didn't start forming untill around 2:pm.I have to say,only one thing brings me more joy than yesterday,and that's Christmas.there is nothing more joyful to me,than watching my children unwrap presents on Christmas morning.but this was close.to see the expressions on my son's face after he got off the rides.priceless.we stayed for 10 hours,and boy were my dogs barking.man,my feet hurt.needless to say,we all,were asleep by the time our heads hit our pillows.

07 November 2008

a day of fun-filled frollicking

ok,maybe not so much frollicking,bad back and all.so me and the fam's are gonna have to settle for knott's berry farm.yay!.gonna be a long day,gotta be there at 10:00am.I hope they still have BBQ ribs,usually they are a summer time thing only.I haven't been to knotts since last year,so I'm gonna make sure I hit as many rides as possible.I also checked the weather,gonna be a very nice 70 degrees.someone better call snoopy,cause I'm coming over to play.

05 November 2008

why does...

why does politics and religion seperate so many people?.why are they such divisive topics?.what has happened to true debates,and true social discourse.(did I use that word right,sounds right)anyway,so what happened.how is it that a person can hate another person.just because of their beliefs?.all of the blogs I follow do not believe what I believe.I do not hate them.I still follow them.I once had a myspace friend,whom I found through another friend of mine.she was totally liberal,hated bush,republicans,and conservatives.her page and comments were against them.I asked her to be my friend,she accepted.it was cool,no probs,that is,until we started chatting together.I still remember the last comment I made to her.I told her how great we were getting along together,like carville and matalin.the very next day,I kid you not.she deleted me as a friend,set her myspace to private,and I never heard from her again.I asked my friend what happened.but she never gave me an answer.why am I telling you this.because I lost my one and only follower because of politics.I'm not hurt because of this,I'm just trying to understand why.if everybody had to agree 100% with another,everybody would be single.when do liking someone,wanting to be friends become a zero sum game,all or nothing.

let's talk candidly

prop 8,which passed last night.is not a ban on gay marriage.but a true definition of what marriage is.whether you like it,accept it,or not.it was instituted by god.it is the joining of a man and woman before god.but let's put that aside,and simply talk politically about this.because that it what was at stake.I'm not to good with time so I'm not sure if it was the last presidential election,or last mid-term elections.all across the the country,the people voted on a marriage definition initiative.most,if not all past.to have marriage as between a man and woman.earlier this year,the California supreme court.decided that the people did not know how to govern themselves,so they decided 4-3 to legalize gay marriage.directly against the will of the people.I thought we lived in a democracy,or does democracy only count if you are a liberal democrat.I use this terminology,because the media is reporting it as a conservative victory.I heard no outcry whatsoever from the ACLU,NAACP,or any other civil rights groupwhen these 4 judges overthrew the will of the people.this initiative was not even about the rights of marriage.gays and lesbians already have all the same rights.not all Herero's get married,some have civil unions,some are common law,still others elope.all are still recognized as legal unions.why is that not good enough for those gay and lesbian advocates.you put your initiative on the ballot,the people speak,and that's it.if you lose,you lose.if you win,you win.why do you have to resort to lawsuits,and activist judges who make up law according to their beliefs.Obama won the election,you expect me to just take it,to accept it.my guy lost,too bad,too sad.why can't gays and lesbian advocates do the same?.if Obama had lost,all who supported him would have gone ape$h!t.you know this is true.because it happened with both Kerry and gore.yet you see no ape$h!tting with republicans,because their guy lost.I bring this back to democracy.is it only for democrats,or for all Americans.

token black president

in the movie industry they have something called the "token black guy".we now have a "token black guy" as president.this election was all about race.and nothing more.racist's for Obama,racist's against Obama,and undecided racist's.now that Obama has been selected,where do we go now.what do we do now.there are those who believe in his ideaology,those who don't know his ideology,those who don't care about his ideology.all these voted for him.there is an old saying, "be carefull of what you wish for,you just might get it".those who voted for him,not knowing,caring,or hoping that he won't be as bad as claimed he would be.beware of buyer's remorse.I hope he won't be as bad as I know he is.but I did nor vote for him.so I do not,and will not regret my vote later on.so,in 2010 when the bush tax cuts expire,and your marginal rate goes up to 39.9%..don't start crying.jsut so you know,everyone that works pays on the marginal scale.capital gains are what small business pays,and corporate are what big business pays.last but not least,for all those who would dare to call me a hater.I call you a hypocrite.you have ripped my president for the last 8 years,via movies,music,the educational system,media.I have put up with your garbage all this time.so knick off!.

04 November 2008

doing the nasty

for two mornings now in a row.early morning I should say,around 5:30 to be exact.I have been awakened by a deep,hard scrubbing sound.at first I thought it was my wife cleaning her white tennies.but alas,I was not so lucky.upon waking up today,from the same sound.I discovered that she was not cleaning her shoes,but rather grating her feet!.yes,I agree disgusting.she has this cheese grater in a little pink package.it is called the pedegg.***gagging*** a cheese grater for your feet.grating your feet is kind of like farting.when your going to do it.keep it to yourself.

03 November 2008


tomorrow is election day.so please exercise your constitutional right,and vote.as Obama suggest's.vote early,vote often,vote in different cities,counties,states(where applicable),vote if your alive,or dead.just vote.seriously folks,voting is not a joke.so please vote.
on a side note I joined noblopomo(national blog posting month).you are supposed to write a blog a day for the month of November.I tried logging into my noblopomo account today.but could not get in.probably because of my stupid iPhone.like I said,I have a love hate relationship with my phone.I do all my blogging from it.which explains why my blog home and blogs themselves are plain,to say the least.I really would like to add pics,links,and totally trick out my home page.my page should read "ramblingman168:blogging on the go".I attempt to blog as I speak,or should I say think.which is why my blogs might seem to be somewhat eratic.hence the name "ramblingman".a gift to me fr my ever so loving wife.I don't know the rules to noblopomo all that well.if I have to blog using their domain,or if this blog here counts.as for me,this is number three,for day three.

02 November 2008

cowboys...what happened!?!

I spoke before about the cowboy woes.the main problem I saw was tony romo.romo was their greatest strength,and their greatest weakness.he has been the teams problem all along.the boys have gone as far as they are going tongi with romo as quarterback.coach Phillips does not have what it takes to coach this team to be superbowl contenders,let alone champions.there is a reason why players are players,and coaches,coaches.players cannot self coach themselves.Phillips,having inherited this team,is choosing to be a "players" coach,than the "team" coach.which is also pat ofthe reason why they are in the situation they are in.don't believe me.look at what parcells has done with the dolphins.from the basement to the penthouse.in his first season as dolphin GM.back to romo.there was a reason why he went undrafted.this is it.some quarterbacks are just meant to be backups.they play their best football coming in off the bench.they just don't have what it takes to keep it going all season long.it's okay,he's not alone.you also have QB's like grossman,leinert,and others.I won't name them all.but romo is not alone.it is also nothing to be ashamed of.when all is said and done.the cowboys really have only two choices to make.1). start investing time,money,draft picks in finding a new QB.2). get a new headcoach with huevos enough to be the player's coach,not friend.

01 November 2008

my first time

believe it or not,at the tender age of 39 years,11 month's old,I,ramblingman am going to my first Halloween party.yes it's true,I am a Halloween party virgin.who would have thought.maybe they can make a movie about me."the almost 40 year old Halloween party virgin".naah.the party theme is 60's-70's era.with all the hippies,disco,pimps to go around I had a hard time trying to figure out what I would be.I originally chose "Austin powers",with my wife being "foxy cleopatra".unfortunately that didn't work out.so my wife is going as a mod chick,and I shall be "ozzy".I guarantee I will be original.im not talking best costume or anything like that.it's very basic,black shirt,jeans,fake hair,glasses,and painted nails.oh yea,I will have "ozzy",fake tattooed on my fingers.I know it's a day after Halloween,but what better time to have a costume party,than on a saturday,and a standard time change day to boot.oh yea,an extra hour to party.john travolta's got nothing on me,I can do the "Carlton" like nobody's business.I'll be on the floor all night long(isn't my wife lucky).I know,truly blessed!.well...party if ya got em.