29 January 2009

thank you leslie oneill

daily news "commentator" leslie o'neill takes time to take another jab at former pres bush.with a thinly veiled column,she writes Obama, mistakes panes window for door.she laughs it off,saying it was an innocent mistake."he was in a hurry,just leaving the meeting with congressional republicans about his stimulus plan".then she goes off talking about how stupid bush was,because he tugged on a locked doorknob.you know with Obama in office now,you would think that these political hack commentators would have more than enough Obama to "stimulate" themselves with.that they wouldn't need bush to get off on,anymore.

by the way,Obama's "stimulus bill"...passed the house without one single republican vote (thank GOD) taking time off from being the messiah,obama put on his pontious pilate garb and quickly washed his hands of the whole deal.saying he doesn't"own" this bill.

oh,you own it alright!.

feeling their pain

there is a crisis going on in the liberal world right now.with former president George w. bush out of office now.liberal psycho pundits have nothing to say.consumed by BDS,they spent all their time in their pathetic meaningless lives spewing out hatred for bush.and now that he's gone,they don't know what to do.bill maher,rosie o'donnell,joy behar.they are all walking around with their thumbs up their rears,and confounded look on their faces.

we need to bail them out.so if there is anyone out there that knows how to get a hold of their publicist's.let them know,I feel their pain,and am willing to say very conservative and politically in-correct things so they can vent the anger inside of them.they must look like the girl in the charley and the chocolate factory movie that blew up and turned blue after eating that crazy gum.I can imagine them all swollen,all that stored up hatred.I'm talking powder keg,waiting to go off.

I can help with their problem,and it only takes one step.

28 January 2009

Ashley judd

>I would like very much that Ashley judd and all those who favor murdering millions of born and unborn babies would abort themselves and leave the innocent babies to those who love them.Obama is trying to "nationalize" everything else.why not murder?.murder by any other name is still murder.abortion is murder.was it not enought to federally fund murder in America,that we should now fund it around the world.sadly though,I expected nothing less than this from the man that voted "twice" against the "born alive,right to life infant protection act" in the Illinois state senate.

two quick things

oprah Winfrey:I've seen recent pics of you,you have been anywhere near a treadmill,let alone get knocked of one.because "hot rod" considered you for obama's vacant seat.

Obama and the dems own both houses.they own it all.they do not need one single republican vote to pass their "stimulus bill".my question why is Obama shmoozing it up with republicans to get them to go along with it?.
Obama has never been accused of being stupid,because he's not.it is said "those who don't learn from history,are doomed to repeat it".Obama,being the smart guy that he is.knows that the last time democrats ran an economic plan without a single republican vote was back in 93'.Clinton did it.the very next year republicans won back the "house of reps" after 40 years of democrat rule.Obama knows his plan will fail in doing what he says it is supposed to do.when it fails he wants some of the blame put on republicans,something Clinton or the dems could not do.they owned it.what this bill is truly intended for is keeping democrat rule for another long period of time.if this bill is soooo great,and would do everything it is purposed to do,why share any of the glory with the republicans?.one would think that having success on such a grand level,should bring about the death of the republican party.so...why does Obama want republicans in on this plan again?...

23 January 2009

aren't gays humans?

do gay people like it when you address them as "gay",.you know gay this,gay that.this is my freind Steve,he's gay.this is my co worker Sharon,she's a lesbian.has being gay been so politicized that one can't seperate the two.human and gay.aren't they just people like you and me?.just Steve and Sharon?.do they introduce themselves this way?.I'm Steve,and I'm gay,nice to meet you.should we put them(gays/lesbians) in shirts that have a big old "G" or "L" on it so that everyone will know,and,heaven forbid,mistake them for a heterosexual.it just seems to me,to be insulting and degrading to them as human beings.am I looking at this the right way?.or is it a more sinister thing like homo-superior,all bow down.I personally think it is degrading and shamefull to treat a person as sub-human by labeling them.whatever the label might be.

21 January 2009

obama's speech

well,it's late and I want to go to sleep.so this won't take long.
to quote Obama,himself:
"it's just words,just speeches".
I don't put much weight behind what he says,and there is plenty of things to critisize about this speech.but I'll leave you with this...
pretty speeches do not a president make.campaign time is over.it's time for him to get his hands dirty.

20 January 2009


what is this BS that we are getting from our state legislature.they want to put it to the people of California by a "special election".whether we will allow our taxes to be raised.what the he'll did we put these imbeciles in office for?.they are there to make sure this state is run correctly.every single one of them should be fired and thrown out of office.from the top all the way down to the bottom.what do we pay these people for?.they want a special election so they can just outright lie about everything and get you to vote more taxes.for what,so they can wash their dirty hands of everything and have no accountability.it is there jobs to to balance the budget,let them do what needs to be done to fix this mess wer'e in.after all,they caused it.this is nothing more than a ploy to keep their jobs.they know full well,that they are worthless turds.so go ahead,raise our taxes,withhold our rebate checks,cut spending for our schools,police and fire departments.this is what needs to be done.and after your finished screwing us even more than we are already being screwed.we,the people WILL fire every single one of you.starting with scwarzenneger!.

19 January 2009

hope and change

as a non Obama supporter I speak out on hope and change.I hope that all the men and women who are swooning over Obama would change your panties.it's not good hygeine to stay in soiled undergarments.and quite frankly it's starting to smell(fishy swah).this call goes out especially to chris Matthews,who has been having multiple O-basms for month's now.I predict that tomorrows inauguration is going to be modeled after the sixties Woodstock.orgies and O-basm's for everyone.someone is going to have a hell of a mess to clean.I'm sure there will be plenty of simple green and bio degradable Wipies to go around.

update:breaking news ! there are now available Obama thongs ! for those who are ├╝ber patriotic.you can make all your Obama fantasies cum true with these bad boys on.but you gotta hurry time is running out fast for you to get yours.please don't let a good O-basm go to waste.

I'm now reminded of a joke,it involved Hillary Clinton,but I'll substitute michelle Obama.right before the obama's were to take the stage at the inauguration.michelle ran into the bathroom and shaved herself bald.after obama's speech he asked michelle to say a few words to the crowd.as michelle approached the podium she lifted her skirt and shouted...
READ MY LIPS,NO MORE BUSH!!!...and the crowd went wild.

16 January 2009

the oldest profession

so it seems the world's oldest profession is still alive and very well.there is a college girl who wants to get a masters in something (it doesn't matter to me) who is "selling" her "virginity" to the highest bidder.she says there is nothing wrong with what she is doing.as a matter of fact her sister prostituted herself to pay for her education.I guess keep it in the family was one of their motto's.I guess if youbtell yourself something enough times you tend to believe it.she believes that what she is doing is not prostitution.let me see.selling your body for money=not prostitution. and 2+2=5,yea,I know.she goes on to say that it is just sex,just a one night stand,nothing more.she also doesn't regret what she is doing,so don't feel bad or sorry for her.to my estimate the top bid is at $2.5 mil lastly she says that the both of them will benefit "greatly" from this transaction.now speaking as a guy,there ain't no p***y in the world worth that much.now I can see spending that amount on a woman (wife) over a lifetime of marriage,but not for a one night stand.the person who wrote the article at the end had this question.with girl's virginity's being thrown away at such young ages today(they themselves do not even give value to their own virtue) why would anyone,anyone be willing to pay such a price for something of no value.why ask why... a fool and his money are soon parted.

15 January 2009

when did...

so when did doctor's stop being doctor's?.my accident prone 15 year old son got hurt again,while playing football,again.this time instead of getting knees to the chest and missing abfew days of school due to a bruised sternum.he got his bottom lip split open from a head butt.now onto the drama.the doctor that sees my kids would not see him,so I had to take him to the ER.he needed stitches,so we wait and wait and wait.5 hours in this place and nothing.so we choose to go to a different ER and are there another couple of hours.for what,for nothing!.it appwlears that after a certain amount of time...6 hours or so the body starts to heal itself.so now my son has what looks like a stuffed sausage with a hole in the middle with a bit of stuffing coming out the hole.the best the doctor can do is just clean it up.so yes I'm kinda mad.I wonder if I can sue,I mean my sons face is going to be somewhat deformed.so anyway,I spent 8 1/2 hours in the ER waiting rooms,basically for them to do nothing.TTYL

isn't this the USA ?...

all across the fruited plain,from sea to shining sea.children in grade schools are going to be forced to watch the inauguration of Barak Obama.isnt this the kind of stuff they do in china?.our public school system is failing miserably,do we need to take away even more time from learning from them,.on second thought maybe it won't be so bad,a couple of hours less of brainwashing might be good for them.nah,just brainwashing of a different kind.reinforcing the notion that Obama is this country's savior.my god,doesn't anybody see how crazy this is!?!.this is unpresedented,stopping school to force them to watch an inauguration of a president.you would think we are annointing a king,rather than inaugurating a new president.

okay,let me get this straight

the liberal democrats along with their loyal accomplices the MSM viciously and mercilessly attacked "joe the plumber" for not paying his taxes.a mere 2-3 grand.but this geithner character failed to pay his taxes to the tune of $34,000 and it's "no big deal".this guy is going to be the next "treasury secratary" of the united states.and it's no big deal that he doesn't pay his own taxes.can the hypocricy be more blatant?,are there no more sane people left out there to speak out about this?.

another bit of liberal hypocricy?...
is it just me,or does anyone else believe that in such dire economic times as these.where people have lost jobs,homes,and health.that Obama is spending a whopping $150 million on his inauguration?.I mean with the class warfare they perpetuate,don't they run the risk of being hated by those who elected them.the voting populace that has bought into the "class envy" propaganda.the rich get rich while the poor get poorer.are they not showing their rich elitism.$150 million,and they bitches about gov.palin's wardrobe,that wasn't even hers.

just a quick question
is there any buyers remorse out there yet?...

13 January 2009

my take on rick warren

who needs him anyway !,let's just get rid of the whole invocation prayer in it's entirety.this government has been getting rid of god in everything else.dang nabbit ! what about seperation of church and state.Christians are nothing more than mean spirited hate filled hloier than thou's anyway.

j/k !!!

this is what I would call a no win situation.first if mr. warren had declined,all Christians would have been labeled as "haters".second,he did accept,and all Christians are still labeled as haters.third,and this is the icing on the cake.liberals get to watch "Christians" go at it with each other over his being chosen(warren).you see,not all Christians agree with his positions and stance on "certain subjects".

as a Christian his being chosen doesn't bother me in the least.he is still a christian and it is a priveledge to pray for the incoming president.when the rubber hits the road,we,all of us(Americans) want this country to be great.I just have one question...

why don't the same people that hate Christians and Christianity,hate Obama?.
he is a Christian,himself,and to my knowledge did not support the anti-8 crowd.just food for thought.

11 January 2009

googling,destroying the environment?

according to some doofus physicist at harvard.doing two google searches expense as much CO2 as boiling a kettle of water for tea.no matter how hard i try,I can't stop laughing about this.these enviro-wackos are such a joke.all their claims are just so laughable.but on the upside,knowledge is power.and with power comes responsibility.or ir-responsibility.I am also glad that I found out this information now.since Christmas is over,I no longer want it to remain cold.so I'm doing my part to warm this place up.you know,by googling.sometimes even multiple times a day even.what can I say,I'm a machine ; ) so I'm asking all my readers to please google multiple times a day and together we can warm this planet again.

03 January 2009

what a rip

I recently upgraded from my 2G Iphone to the 3G Iphone.it wasn't much of an upgrade.it seems that the area I live in is not within the 3G network area.so I still run off the old "edge" network.I was told that the 3G maps was "turn by turn".it isn't.methonks I should have rather kept my old phone.nevertheless,I still have the best cell phone on the market today.but,have no doubts,if or when something better does hit the market,I will be one of the first ones to "upgrade". so,until then...

02 January 2009

hello...I'm back !

>I hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and happy new year.in the spirit of Christmas,you know.good will towards men.I chose not to be my normal obnoxious self by blogging on anything,let alone politics.I did not even go through any of my websites to read up on what's happening politically.which by the way,made for a beautifull Christmas and new years.I did though try to get my daily fix of "CGGB".needless to say,not much happened there.so I went total archival!.ok,time for some catchup.ramblingman just turned the big 40 on dec. 20,I spent 4days in vegas to celebrate.I also celebrated my 12th weddidng anniversary on the same day(a story to be told later).Christmas was awesome,new years...safe and sane,and now I look forward to a very prosperous year.I also am returning to work after 3 months off because of my back.definately looking forward to that.a man can only wear a skirt for so long(chauvenist pig comment).anyway I'll hit ya back later.