16 December 2008

2x1 Christmas special

as most of you have heard by now.the president had two shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter.the funny thing is,this guy is a real hero to our MSM.he did something they wished they would have done.of course the president is the villian.an un-named reporter says "doesn't the president know what a serious thingt this was.what a serious insult".as the president downplayed the whole event,he is now being impugned by this MSM for being so non-chalant about the incident.isn't it ironic,that what Obama is praised for,the president is impugned?.Obama is cool,collected,doesn't let anything get under his skin.even when he was in the thick of election battle.he always took the high road.so here is the president doing the exact same thing,yet he is treating the "middle eastern" people with contempt.because he doesn't know what an insult it is...or does he?.yes folks,he is deliberately mocking them.so says the MSM.

FRESNO – California fish and wildlife managers moved forward Thursday with plans to protect a fish species that plays an important ecological role in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a move that could further restrict water pumping throughout the state. The Fish and Game Commission voted 3-0 Thursday to consider listing the longfin smelt as a threatened or endangered species under state law.

It also adopted emergency regulations requiring state and federal water managers to scale back pumping operations in the next 180 days whenever longfin smelt are near the massive pumps that send water to more than 25 million Southern Californians.
Environmental groups blame excessive water pumping from delta for the plummeting of the longfin smelt and their cousin, the delta smelt.
Last summer, a federal judge ordered federal and state water authorities to reduce the amount of water they pump through the delta in a bid to protect the delta smelt.

The pumping restrictions adopted Thursday for the longfin smelt could mean additional stoppages because longfin smelt move into the delta and spawn earlier than the delta smelt, according to a Department of Fish and Game memo.

this was an AP story from feb.7 2008.earlier it was reported even more pumping stoppage 20-30% more and in extreme cases up to 50%.throughout all this they(EPA) never say what role these fish play in the ecological system.who gets screwed from all this?,we do,southern california.this is the main source of our water supply.our way of living is compromised because of a stupid useless fish.all bow down to the eco-terrorist's

15 December 2008

messing with my blogspace : )

my wife kinda taught me how to read HTML.so earlier I tried to customize my site by altering small parts of the HTML codes.it looked alright on my PC,but when I checked on my iPhone it totally looked like a picaso!.LOL.so I guess it's back to the drawing board.if I can't customize it to my liking,I might just have my wife make me one from scratch.then I will be .com-ed. *shouting like hasselbeck*.wha...yes I do own a PC,I just choose to to all my blogging from my phone.

14 December 2008


AOL news reports,john mcain,when asked if he would support gov. palin in 2012.said he would not "promise anything".this does not come as a surprise to anyone.AOL poll showed 71% were not surprised by this.so here we are again with yet another "moderate republican" not in touch with the party.is it no wonder why we lost the election.gov. palin is the future of the republican party.her and others like bobby jindal and duncan hunter.conservatism on the rise,and these are the leaders.

13 December 2008

lightbulb over my head,turning on moment

I blogged not too long ago about the "day without a gay" protest.I had said I liked the idea.I still do,and am going to tweak it a little bit.i will be calling in "conservative" on inauguration day.all my conservative brothers and sisters need to call in "conservative" on inauguration day.we need to not watch any portion of it.63 million people did not vote for Obama.we need to show him that when they(democrats in congress and the presidency) speak about doing the "will" of the people,not to forget about us.by making this the least watched inauguration,we can show them how important we are to this country.


yea,I know how to spell his name.I just think he is a class 1 A-hole.isn't it funny,how whenever a "republican" pisses wrong you have all those parrots in the MSM echo "republican".then you have "hot rod" blagojavech caught red handed trying to sell Obama's vacant senate seat,and all you hear are crickets chirping.no mention whatsoever that he is a democrat.so here is colon(R) talking crap about republicans in general,gov. palin, and rush limbaugh.I'm glad you to took time off from sucking on Obama's manhood to do this.we appreciate it.we would appreciate it even more if you stop lying about which party you belong to.you are not a republican,you are not even in public service,so why the hell do you put a "R" in front of your name.I know you want to feel important,and be invited to all the big parties.just stop lying.we (republicans) do not need your advice on how to fix our party.you and all the other "liberal" republicans need to just go and stay gone.it was you and your ilk that cost us this election.on behalf of the true(conservative) republican party,here is a parting gift for you.it's an extra large can of "shut the he'll up!".

11 December 2008

Batak Obama:bad role model?

Barak Obama is a smoker.smoking and smokers have been demonized for decades now.all their rights to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness have been taken away.by the kooks on the left,with their extreme legislation.people who smoke can't smoke anywhere anymore,because it is illegal.it is illegal to smoke in the whitehouse.but Obama assures us that we will "never SEE him smoke" in the whitehouse.doesn't Obama know how people think about smokers?,how much they are hated?.I've seen the commercials,evil,uncaring smokers killing innocent men,women,and children with second hand smoke.for eight years we've been told how stupid bush is,yet he neither drank nor smoked.so how stupid is Obama for doing something that be knows will kill not only himself,but those he loves,and the innocents around him.obviously stupid enough not to care.

10 December 2008

why is it that louis Farrakhan,who has done good things for his people,is dismissed so easily by talk radio.they(talk radio) seems to focus solely on the fact that he(Farrakhan) is an anti-Semite,and Jew hater.because of this his word,or opinions on todays events are worthless?,and not to be taken seriously?.why then,do these same talk radio hosts continue to call on this SOB Christopher hitchens.he is an anti-god,Christian hater.when rev.Falwell died not too long ago.this piece of crap not only spit in falwell's face,but pissed on his grave.the very next day at that.so why does his opinion matter on todays events,why do they call him up.why is he not treated the same way as farrakhan.that is like a leper.if one is a paraiah,so should the other be.

triple threat

1).a day without a gay:
as a proponent of prop 8,I actually like this idea.i disagree with it's premise(equallity).gays and lesbians already have equal rights.as far as the law is concerned.beneficiaries,medical benefits,etc.this idea was born from the illegal alien idea of a day without a Mexican.only nobody is questioning the "importance" of gays contributions to society.my only major problem with this is if radicals take over.you cannot "legally" call in "gay" to work,and expect to get paid for the day.it is not a legitimate excuse for missing.any company has the right to terminate any employee that does it.you are considered a "walkoff".this is where the radicals take over with their threats of boycotts and lawsuits.this idea goes farther than just taking the day off.it also encourages those who take the day off to do works of charity.you catch more bees with honey.

2).where is the feminist anger?:
last week a photo of an Obama speech writer was put on the Internet.this photo showed the speech writer grabbing the right breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton.also in the picture was an in-named friend pulling clinton hair and head back,tonguing her ear,while pouring beer down her throat.is this not sexist to the Nth degree.yet there was no anger from any feminist group whatsoever.I know why they(feminsts) didn't back gov. palin,but Hillary is one of them.Hillary herself showed no anger.I guess boys will be boys,as long as they're lefties.or maybe she is just used to being treated like garbage by men.oh,the sacrifices one must make for political power.

3).another corrupt cop?:
we already have one cop on trial(mike corona)for corruption.we now have L.A. county sherriff lee baca talking about bribes and political favors.obama wants to tap some of our LAPD officers to help with the inaugural security.we are talking 1.7 million to do this.1 million we(the city) would cover.but possibly,Obama would pay for the whole trip.baca says "this would be good for the city,because sometime in the future,we might need a favor".is this not bribery?,quid pro who?.yes,let's send our police officers to help with security,this way,Obama will owe us a favor.political corruptness knows no bounds.

08 December 2008

double your pleasure

where to start,where to start...whoever did in Hoffa,and buried him needs to do the same thing to the unions,all unions.the most destructive force in the workplace are unions.for decades now they have priced their members out of good paying jobs that the members themselves wanted.unions are not all bad,it's the corruptiveness that ruins them.back in the late 80's to early 90's I was a member of the teamsters.for three years all they were good for was keeping bad employees employed,and taking your dues every check.here webare 20 years later,and they're still the same.

2).heckle and jeckle
how long must we continue to suffer with the insufferable?.to hear chris dodd and barney frank continually open up their pie holes talking about "responsibility".these two clowns are behind this whole economic mess we are in.they gave away 700 billion without even a by your leave.is it not the pot calling the kettle black?.telling the auto industry that they need to replace those who are in charge,because they are responsible for getting their companies in this mess in the first place.these two jokers should be replaced for causing this economic meltown we are in now.people who live in glass houses should not be casting stones.time will tell the truth,they cannot cover up their own shame forever.mark my words,as republicans grow their spines back,and become conservative again.the truth of who and what party caused this mess will be told.

07 December 2008

useless scientists

this is a rhetorical question.but why is there so much fear in this country of christians and christianity.Christianity has been taken out of our schools.no bibles,no praying,no extra curricular activities.in health/biology you cannot teach abstinance.why?.you have all these theories taught as facts.theory of evolution,big bang theory,theory of reletivity,etc.but you cannot teach creationism.the more scientist attempt to dis-prove the bible and what is says,the more they prove it's truths!.I am not saying that you have to believe in creationism.that should be up to each and every individual to decide.I am saying it should be a viable option.now to the point of this blog.the Cincinnati zoo made a promotional agreement with the creationist museum in Kentucky.to have a festival of lights and Christmas themes event at the musuem.it's aim to show the effects of biblical history in todays present and future world.of course some crackpot scientist got his panties in a bunch wrote a scaring letter to the zoo,and blogged about this event.in his blog he told his readers to write the zoo and complain also.which they did(monkey see,monkey do).so the zoo received hundreds of e-mails hitching about this promotion.and of course the zoo caved in and cancelled.this idiot scientist went on to say that creationists are an embarrasment to society and a laughing stock to the world for their @$$ backwards beliefs.this guy and all those who believe what he believes are like algore and global warming.the debate is not over,and why are you so afraid of such debate.your desire to be relevent has made you look like an impotent limp man.totally useless.

05 December 2008

stupid and ignorant people making fools of themselves

o.j. Simpson is a murdering SOB.he was guilty of butchering ron Goldman and his ex wife nicole.it was a travesty of justice that he got off.he was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping this morning.yet after sentencing.the father and sister of ron goldman.the innocent man that Simpson butchered.all you hear are a bunch of A-holes shouting "you are a racist Goldman".it's just sad to see idiot people like this as they support a murdering butcher.these people do not know Simpson at all,yet there they are making fools of themselves.it really does seem that this country HAS gone to he'll in a handbasket.when you can commit the crimes that Simpson did and still be a "celebrity".I just can't help but cringe here in my seat.