25 October 2008

mr. athlete

so... my 15 year old has joined the water polo team at his high school.my wife and I went to see him for the first time.he did well.he scored one goal,so we weren't totally embarrased.j/k,you see he's mr. athlete!.so far this year it was football,coach said he was better than half the team,then it was baseball,coach said he was better than half the team.now her we are with water polo,coach said he was better than half the team.I wouldn't say half,but he did well.j/k.I'm very proud of him.he actually stuck with something.

24 October 2008

one hard week

how's it going my peeps,I've been quiet all week.hope you all had great weeks.as for me it was tough.I went through what many others have gone through,the terrible experience of one of your children being in an accident.last Monday evening,as I was heading off to my chiropractors appointment.I saw a police car speed by my house,I didn't think anything about it at the time.so I took off.a minute or so later I heard sirens,didn't know where they were at,so as I passed by my block on the main street.I looked to the side,and there they were 5 blocks from my house.an ugly feeling came upon me,so I turned around and when I walked up to see what happened,there was my 10 year old son lying in the middle of the street.he was hit by a car.so I freaked,bad back and all,I ran back to my car and called everyone my parents so they could pick up my car.I rode in the ambulance with my son.thank god,my son walked away with only bruises and scratches.my wife and I spent a full 24 hours in e.r. with our son.when he finally came to.he didn't even know what happened to him,where he was at,why he was in so much pain.nothing.he's at home and being babyed by everyone.I am just so thankfull,because I saw others who were in the e.r. that were not so lucky.well ttyl.

19 October 2008


"no hay champurrado" what!?! what knid of Mexican restaurant doesn't serve champurrado?,I guess the kind that are named "juan great fiesta".but there was no fiesta for my mouth.it was more like a siesta,without the champurrado.


hey guys wassup?I was just thinking about what I. could possibly blog about this early in the morning.I just finished watching popwaffle vol.22 if you you don't know what popwaffle is.just go to youtube.search "popwaffle".and you will see what I'm talking about.it is todays pop culture done in crayon,I think stop art,and music.watch them,I know you will enjoy them. "popwaffle" was created by erika brooks adickman.very talented.so go then,check them out.enjoy.

18 October 2008

I need a shot of testosterone!

let's see,my day started off last night.my wife kept bugging me all night long to go with her on her first business meeting,since starting with her new company.it continued up until 7:00am,when she woke me up to continue with the nagging.finally I succumbed under her tremendous pressure.we showed up a little early,relaxed at the table,had a few horchatas,and waited,and waited,and waited.I'm sorry let me give a little background info.she went to meet a prospective customer at a restaurant called "hecho en Mexico" by the way,if you like Mexican food(good Mexican food),you will love this place.it's located in the city of el sereno,on Huntington dr. s at 4976.I highly reccomend it.back to my story.the prospect was a now show.we spent an hour and a half there.it was not a total loss,we had a great meal,and now got the hookup there. : ) my peeps,it was a marathon of a day.after that I had to do my husbandly duty and go shopping(all day shopping!).first it was to the t-mobile store where we added two more lines for our two teenage boys,then it was on to Burlington coat factory,where somehow I ended up holding her purse.note to men:while holding your wife,or girlfriends purse,never walk away!.I got some strange looks from people.even if it is a dooney & burke.upon noticing the stares,I spoke real load to my 10 year old. "WHERES YOUR MOM,LETS GO FIND HER".so after re-assuring everyone within talking distance of my manhood,we went off in search of my wife.after that ordeal,we had to stop at rubi's foster freeze.because I wanted a strawberry shake,a mansized extra large strawbery shake.after I pounded it,recovered from my brainfreeze,it was off to the "avenue" then " kut-n-beauty" where wifey and I got a cut.the time is now around 7:30-ish and were hungry.so we head off to another great Mexican restaurant."little Mexico".also highly recommended.this one is in E.L.A. Whittier blvd. and. clela(I think).we had super fajitas for two(steak,shrimp,fish,chicken,veggies,potatoes,rice beans,tortillas...mmm,mm,mm,mm,mm...: ) the time is now about 8:30-ish,we swing into commerce,pick up our teens,go back home to pico.10:00p,I'm dyeing my wifes hair.finally,I'm done,laying in bed and sharing my eventful day with all of you.hope you all had great days also.hey fantabulous,get a big push broom,open the front door,and push all that stuff outside.movings done!.

colon Powell

politico reported earlier that retired(emphasis on tired)colon Powell is considering supporting Obama.so what,big deal.so here's another black man supporting another black man running for office.this is nothing new.they (blacks) support other blacks(in the democrat party) to the tune of 90%.so who gives a rats behind if he goes obama's way.as if his military service will give credibilty to Obama.Powell was worthless as secretary of state.I blame much of the problems that occured in Iraq(post war)on him.he was the country builder,that was his job.but he was too busy trying to tell others(ruhmsfeld)how to fight the war.so after we kicked their a$$es(Iraq's).we had no policy ready to implement.why do you think he just up and quit like he did.he dropped the ball,and left a big pile of poopoo for rice to clean up.his endorsement is worthless,and gives nothing to Obama.

17 October 2008

the bionic man?

remember way back when,there was a citcom named "the bionic man".you member,Steve austin,no not stone cold.anywho,he got all jacked up,and they rebuilt him.we can make him faster,we can make him stronger...you member.well...that's not me :.( I'm more like the aluminum foil man.probably worth more recycled than new.after my chiropractic adjustment today,my doc gave me the big financial hit.$6500 for 91 adjustment,taking about 2 1/2-3 years to finish.I guess nobody told her(chiropractor) that we're in an economic downturn.i offered her my firstborn,but she wasn't buying.cash,check,or credit card.it was at this point where I mentioned the economic downturn.I said there is no credit out there.don't you watch the news?.at this she responded,"I guess than,you only have two options,so what will it be cash or check?".I reminded her again of option "A", being my firstborn.she still wasn't buying.I said,HEY,everythings negotiable.she said,this isn't the east L.A. swapmeet! pay up.so I pulled up my pants,forked over the cash,and said next,at least use some vaselline.sheesh!.

16 October 2008

what I learned...

I've learned a few things recently about blogspot.1).clevergirl is by far the most popular blogger here.so kudos to you clever,you go girl,get on with your bad self.i'm very new here,so you have no idea of who I am.with your 1500+ followers.I found other blogs I would like to follow from your followers.so thanks : ) 2).it really is hard to find bloggers that you want to follow,ones that get you interested.it's kinda like finding a mate going through the personals.all you get is a name and
a short description.it's hit and miss,with a lot of missing.3).the vast majority of bloggers seem to me,to be,women.so I'm a man living in a woman's blogworld.that's cool,maybe I can break the "glass ceiling" and make it to the top of bloggers.I wonder though...hhmmnn...***still wondering*** will I get paid less,because I'm a man? although I'm doing the same work?.

just call me mr.mom

after BMW-ing(bitching,moaning,and whining) earlier my wife said, "why don't you do some stuff around the house".you know,I'm all man...100% u.s.d.a. grade choice beef!,and the house,that's woman territory.eeeww,that's so sexist of me huh.anywho.I said "what do want me to do,BBQ all day,cause that's man territory(there I go again with that sexist stuff).she answered "think less tim the toolman,more cinderella".well,we all know who won this lil' arguement.that's right...her.so now she's got me in a skirt and apron.on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors,you know,she can lift my skirt anytime ; )
anywho,doing dishes,laundry,and get this...windows! I'd rather take my chances back at work.

going stir crazy

a few weeks ago I threw my back out,so I thought.now in the tender care of a chiropractor,I find out that I have a slight spinal disc degeneration in my lower lumbar area.yea,who knew.it appears that after 39 3/4 years on planet earth,beating my body into submission to work beyond it's normal limitations.it had enough.I am thankfull,that it's only "slight" if you call 25% slight.but I am able to walk and function,only with pain.the worst is while I sleep.sleep is when your body restores,heals,regenerates,and rejuvenates itself.this is not so,in my case.I have not gotten a good,all night sleep in over 3 years.i wake up every couple of hours due to the pain,and am always tired.but hey I'm alive and semi-functioning.so I'm happy about that.the chiro says I can be fixed,even good as new(thank god),just gonna take a lil' time.I have been off work for the last 2 1/2 weeks,and don't know what to do with my time.I'm so used to working,that this time off is driving me crazy. so peeps,take care of yourselves,the pain in your backs might not be muscular,but spinal.oh yea watch your feet.I've learned that I have very flat feet.flat feet lead to a lot of problems such as back pain,neck pain,joint pain,bad posture,and some other stuff.so check out your feet also.ttyl.

stick a fork in em'

hello dear readers,are your minds still open?.the democrats,thinking that they've got this election in the bag are starting to move.pelosi and Reid,along with the Obama campaign are putting together a plan to convene congress right after the election.some stating that bush and Cheney should just move out already.the very first thing on their agenda is to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling.my friends,the American people demanded,and still do,that we "drill here,drill now".we understand our need to be energy independent.if ANWR,alomg with the alska,California,florida coasts.put together with oilshale were opened up we would have MORE oil than the middle east combined.put this together with newer,cleaner coal mining(we are the Saudi Arabia of coal),nuclear power.we can be completely independent within 10 years.did you know,we can have NEW oil within 3 years?.the ONLY reason why the demcrats say 10,is because of all the lawsuits brought on by the environmental wackos,who up until today have even prevented us from drilling in our leased land.remove the regulations,remove the wackos,we can have new oil in 3 years.it is the democrats that claim to own compassion for the middle class.to coin a phrase "they feel your pain" if they cared as much as they claim to,why do they always set up these road blocks,and prevent prosperity.they spark out of both sides of their mouths.they claim to care,then pass legislation that is worthless.beware,the double speak.

14 October 2008

goodby democracy?

dear readers,we are witnessing history in the making.this upcoming election will literally determine the future of this country.democacy as we know it is under attack.your ability and mine to live and speak freely.if you are willing to accept what I have to offer,and read with an open mind.there are numerous reports of Obama's thuglike practices throughout this campaign.censureship,filing of lawsuits to shut up journalist's that dare question obama's background,D.A.'s along with chief's of police threatening to arrest and convict anyone THEY believe speaks lies about Obama,Obama,himself saying he would dismaantle the military,and replace it with a civilian police force,as large as,and equal to the military.what would they be used for?,perhaps to enforce his will on the people.he's already doing it to a certain degree.give him the presidency,and you can kiss all your freedoms goodby,that is of course,unless you agree with him.this democrat party wants to run everything ,they own the housing market,the banking system,they want control of healthcare,education,(did you know,in some 2008 literature school books,they have 15 pages dedicated to Obama.nothing on McCain,Clinton,or bush,15 pages).maxine waters(D),during the oil industry witchhunt,said her and her party is all about "SOCIALIZING",and taking over the oil industry.Obama,himself answered a question from a plumber yesterday."why do you want to punish me,by raising my taxes?" Obama "it's not that I mean to punish you,it's you know just about fairness,and spreading the wealth".my friends this democrat party wants to own you,and every aspect of your life,from cradle to grave.this is not democracy,it is totalitarian,communistic,socialism.when Obama rips America,denegrating it,then praises countries like communist china,and dictatorship Venezuela,can't you see what a huge problem we have here,right now,facing us.the very basis on which this country was formed is being threatened,the very fabric of our existence.this is not hyperbole,I'm not being overdramatic.Obama,wants this election bad,or should I say the people who are behind him do.we know who they are.George works,geffen,moveon.org,Jeremiah wright,phlager,ayers,acorn,his wife,the ACLU,NAACP.every single one of these people and organizations hate America,and have formed and groomed the man you see today that is Barak Obama.please help save America,vote for McCain/palin.

250,000 and higher

for those of you who follow politics,and especially this election.if your for Obama,you have been hearing the magic number of $250,000.this is the number that Obama says seperates big and small business.under his plan,those businesses that make over this number will be taxed.the big lie is that many,many businesses will fall into this category.Obama says 99% will get a tax cut under his plan.the truth is 99%will have their taxes raised.I know many don't believe this.and I am not without sources.you can visit patterico.com.they show,who and who doesn't fall under obama plan.

Just coincidental???

one day after I blogged about how romo is the Boone of all the cowboy ills.he is out 4-6 weeks due to a broken finger.how it was broken,is not known.it mysteriously broke on it's own.maybe there was some shower shannanagins going on after the game.and much like the game,he also dropped the soap a couple of times.hmm...stranger things have happened.just playing,I'm sure there is a completely logical explanation for what happened.like maybe,aliens came down and did some alien experiments on him,and when they beamed him back,he landed on his pinky,yea,that's it,that's the ticket.that's his story,and he's sticking to it.

12 October 2008

stoopid cowboys

Week six in the NFL is caput.my cowboys are 4&2 with their loss in overtime to the cardinals.too little,too late.no,just a very bad case of tony romo.in every game,with the exception of game 1,romo has screwed up.throwing interceptions,fumbling the ball.it's his fault,his fault alone.he puts the team in these bad situations,and if he gets them out,he's considered to be the hero.give me a break.what good is having all this talent,if you always blow it.this team is the best cowboy team to be assembled in over ten years,but they still don't clare to the cowboy team of the nineties.i don't know what else can be done about romo.3 years on the bench,1 1/2 years as a started,and still making all these mistakes.I can know understand why he went undrafted.if I were him,I would be afraid for my job.jerry jones does not suffer failure for long.he didn't get to where he's at by doing so.the cowboys don't really have a good backup to romo,I think JJ will start looking into that.put a little fear into romo.maybe that will motivate him to play better.

über sexy clooney

have you heard yet,über sexy george clooney is considering running for office.yes that's right,George was quoted as saying"I could never run run for office,because I've slept with too many women"" I've done too many questionable things in my life".nooo,he's not bragging,just telling the truth,yo!.anyway,he's reconsidered that decision.saying"since I've been so involved with obamas campaign",you know giving Obama counsel and all.the idea has grown on him.he said"don't be too surprised to see him in the senate some time soon"George,your too sexy for the senate,too sexy for the senate,you should be disco dancing!.if it were not for Hollywood being liberal,you would never find work again.your activism has tainted you,you're damaged goods.nobody watches your crappy movies,all your movies of late have bombed.this is irrelevent,I know,he will still make movies,because Hollywood will still employ him.even though his movies bomb.while I'm here I will tell you the outcome of another movie soon to be released."religiosity"or something of the sort.it was made by bill mahr.who I cannot say anything good about,because he is just the biggest slimebag there is.nancy pelosi's book sales would be considered a grand success compared to this garbage.that is how bad this movie will be."glitter and gigli" would be re-classified as masterpieces compared to this garbage.bill Mayr is a fool amongst fools,ranking among the best of them like rosie,joy behar,whoopie,garrufalo,etc.you know,world class fools.but I digress.anywho,good luck George,you're gonna need it,because you're not as popular or loved as you think you are.

02 October 2008

back update

whoever said no pain,no gain was not talking about back spasm's.but right now...I feel fine,I feel free,I think I'll just lay down here in this little field of poppies,poppies,poppies.....LOL...cute and fuzzy bunnies hopping down a trail.daffodils,**saying in deep man voice**.
I think I have the munchies...do you get the munchies from codeine and muscle relaxants.or is it all in my head.HOOPLA!!!HOOPLA!!! I just wanted to say that. I think I go sleepy time now.zzzzzzz....

murphy's law

if sh!t happens,so does murphy's law.and always at the wrong time.on the eve of my big move.while brushing my teeth this morning,I bent over to spit,and BAM!!!!!!the left side of my lower back seized up on me.I mustered all my strength to finish getting ready to go to work.stupid machismo.I go to work,I got the bends something fierce.my mentallity,take two tylenol,rub some icy-hot,and walk it off.to make a longer story a little shorter,it didn't happen.I was in such bad shape my boss had to drive me to the doctor(where I was prescribed some pretty good stuff,if you know what I mean).done with the doc,I was miss daisyed over to the x-ray labs so they can irradiate me.good thing I already have all my kids.give me a few hours and I'll be seeing purple flying elephants,and feeling no pain.hooah!

01 October 2008

judicial activism

well,some crazy liberal activist judge in montana struck again against marriage,infavor of homosexuality.we saw this kind of activism earlier this year,here in California.the people voted 73% in favor of keeping marriage as between a man and a woman.3 activist judges in the state supreme court decided it was in constitutional.so they struck it down,and started marrying gays and lesbians.against the will of the people.in Montana,we has a lesbian couple,in which one of the women had children.they seperated and the woman with the children got married to a man.well the other woman sued for custody.and won.a woman with absolutely no biological ties to the kid(s) was given custody.this is where we are headed when liberal activist judges decide what they believe is right for us.it's a slippery slope from here,and is only going to get worse.the founding fathers of this country saw the possibility of this happening.which is why they created the three branches of our government.expressly for this reason.so that one branch cannot have all the power.what we have here is an alegarchy.defined as the rule of many,by a select few.judges are appointed for life,they are not elected officials.which is why who we elect as president matters.many people don't know that these judges can be removed from office.congress can remove them with a super majority vote to dismiss them.the only problem is,these are the kinds of judges that the democrats want in place.those who will enforce their liberal views through the courts.it realty is a shame that this country is losing itself.I've heard it said,America cannot be defeated from outside forces,it will be defeated from within.a kingdom divided,cannot stand.