27 March 2009

WTF black people

a just paroled man in Oakland who abducted a 14 year old girl and raped her murdered 4 police officers the other day. and what do the black people do ?. hold a vigil for the murdering bastard !. why, because he was black and the officers were white. you people have your heads so far up your asses that you won't even see that this guy was bad. the racism that exists today comes from you, because you fucking can't get over slavery. slavery had nothing to do with what that bastard did, and with the choices he made in his life. I'm fucking sick of you crying about this shit, while ignoring important details and info about what happened. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

lost souls

what hPpens to the person that empties themselves of their beliefs and morals ?. they become zombies, neither alive nor dead, wandering the earth Aimlessly waiting for someone to give them a reason to live. you see it all the time, a couple breaks up and one is devestated. they can't go on without the other person. they made that person their entire life. the sad part is this is done willingly. it is your morals and beliefs that protect your identity, who you are, what your worth. I say this because for decades now Christians have thrown aside who they are, and have become an entirely different creature. our freedoms have been systematically taken away from us, without even a whimper. and now we have notre dame a catholic school inviting president Obama to speak there. notre dames fundamental belief is in life. obama's fundamental belief is anti-life. abortion. 3 times Obama voted against "born alive, infant protection legislation", and is now considering rescinding the "conscious clause" for abortions. any doctor can say he will not perform an abortion because it goes against his conscious. if taken away, there will no longer be any choice. do it, or lose your license. it is a tradition at notre dame to invite presidents to speak. but what about your tradition of the sanctity of life. notre dame is risking to lose itself by emptying itself of it's morals and beliefs.

25 March 2009

got caught jeepin !

my dearest blog, I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you lately... no, no, it's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong. it's me, I've changed, I've found somebody new. and it makes me feel alive, vibrant. I still love you, but I can't stop spending my time with my other love. I don't expect you to understand, but I'm caught between the both of you. and I really don't know what to do. I don't want to choose, I can't choose. so... what I'm trying to say is... let's have a threesome, kay. mwuah !, love ya.

15 March 2009

hindsight is 20/20 !

as my wife walked by, my "hindsight" was 20/20 as i zeroed in on her bum and smacked that bootie!. lol, i'm just playing, that's not my real blog.

i realized something the other night while listening to some music. even back in the 80's music was "politically charged". i see now, and understand now, how totally ignorant i was, as i willfully, and happilly sang these "politically charged" songs. i was singing mantra, and propaganda and didn't even know it. the kids of today are doing the same thing. reciting words and phrases that they know nothing about, and will never take time to find out. if their favorite group sings it, it must be true. this was me. don't get me wrong, i am not an all or nothing kind of guy. i still "listen" to some of my old bands. the music was always the best part, i learned the melody of the songs way before i learned the lyrics. i never understood then, but i do now, words have "meanings", and i can no longer "willfully and happilly" recite certain songs i used to, and in some cases still do like. does that make me a hypocrite, or just a lover of my music?. nastalgia runs deep.

12 March 2009

legalize this !

I wrote a tweet about taxing the money sent to Mexico by illegal aliens in this country. a reader "suggested" that America legalize drugs instead, because everybody uses drugs. this is my answer. because I don't want America becoming like Mexico and having the frug cartels running this country. I like my streets without lopped off heads rolling down them. this my be culturally acceptable in Mexico, but not here. to legalize drugs would only sanction money laundering, with the government getting a cut. making a criminal an upright citizen by "default" is also not acceptable. but why stop with just drugs, let's legalize prostitution across America. make them pay their fair share also. I'm sure they would love to walk the streets without fear of getting arrested. ah hell, I'm already going down this road anyway. let's just chuck everything and become a totally hedonistic society where nothing is "illegal", everything is good. when this accomplished there will be more demonization of anything or anyone.

10 March 2009


is there still such a thing as an honest election?. can't my vote count just once. since prop13 way back when, I've seen the will of the people thwarted by activist lawyers and judges. overruling democracy based on their flawed ideals. I'm not asking for much, only that all votes be counted in this past mayoral election. last time I checked, the county clerck still had 46,000 provisional votes left uncounted. yet the race was given to villaraigosa. it is still numerically possible for a chance at a runoff between villaraigosa and walter Moore. out of the 46,000 Moore needs 13,000 more for him, and another 13,000 not for villaraigosa. this is possible, but however not plausible. nevertheless, we deserve to have ALL the votes counted. we los angelinos demand that all votes be counted. let the voters voices be heard!.

08 March 2009

tools of the trade

senators mcain and shelby are out on the circuit saying government should not have the power, let alone authority to determine which banks succeed and which ones fail. 473 banks received TARP money, many didn't ask for it. and are giving it back. they don't want the string that comes with the money. that being,government control over them. both mcain and shelby claim it is a backdoor access for government control. this is true, but TARP was only one "tool" for gaining this control. you also have universal healthcare. this will also be a way of deciding which companies fail or succeed. back in the nineties, Clinton was asked about "small businesses that. ouldnt afford to give their employees health insurance. she answered " then they shouldn't be in business".

it is not governments responsibility to run "healthcare", the "auto industry", "education", or the "energy department", the "banking system", or "wallstreet". yet this is what they are attempting to do. the American taxpayers are finally starting to show up, and voice their collective outcry against this growing and intrusive democrat government. and it's good to hear stuff like this from mcain, I just hope it's not mere rhetoric, and that the republican party in whole gets on board. the house republicans are already with us, we need todeal with the arrogant senators that are screwing us.

operation chaos: the revenge

this past election we (republicans) had our candidate picked by the democrat party and the MSM. it was then that rush limbaugh came up with " operation: chaos". it's sole purpose was to " bloody up" the democrat candidates, Clinton and Obama, and to keep hillary in the running. it worked flawlessly, Clinton was brought up things that wussy mcain wouldn't.

every day Emmanuel has a conference call with old Clinton hacks begala, carville, and stephenopulous. they came up with the idea of flipping the script back on rush. now democrats have no foundation other than power, and how to get it and keep it. everything they do is " poll" driven. by throwing ideas up in the air, and seeing if they fly. or in this case with rush, throwing an accusation against the wall, and seenig if it sticks. yes, Obama is practicing alinsky tactics. but this is a fight he absolutely has no chance of winning. so why do it?. enter "operation: chaos- the revenge". this has nothing to do with "marginalizing" rush, that is impossible to do. he is who he is, and he is not a member, let alone the leader of the republican party. there is less than two years until mid- term elections. Obama is sucking ass, and what policies he has put in place are showing him to be the radical leftist that he is. the only thing keeping his "approvall numbers" high is the MSM, who are keeping him afloat. but I digress.

now, the revenge works in the same manner as the original operation. to have republicans bloody each other up trying to ascend to the "leader" of the party. while doing this, they have little to no focus on obama's policies, besides they're bad for America. not a very good objection. it makes them look small and petty, with no real alternative. rush's original plan worked flawlessly, the only reason we didn't get the candidate of our choice was mcain. in the end it hinged upon him doing his job and distinguishing himself and the republican party from Obama and democrats themselves. something that he was unwilling to do. so many Americans did not see any difference between him and Obama. democrats have no problem with showing the differences between parties. like they say, they won't let a good crisis go to waste.
and the only true crisis in America is in the republican party.

now there are some in the party that can articulate the difference between parties. the question is are they willing to get hammered by the MSM for doing it. gov palin spoke plainly, calling a spade a spade. her ONLY problem was, and still is, no support from her peers in her own party. a gutless and spineless bunch they are. the sooner "leadership" is restored to the republican party, the sooner we can get America back on the true road of freedom.

06 March 2009


Obama,yesterday, in one of his many addresses to the nation was quoted as saying "everything is on the table, nothing will be left out. there will be no sacred cows". this was said about his health care plan. update: the only things not on the table are privatized health care accounts. in which a person can have his or her salaries taxes and put into a special savings account, and used when needed. and if a person takes care of themselves and the money is left in there, they can withdraw from it without penalties. oh, and just leaving it alone completely. the "sky rocketing" prices are because of government intrusion. if they get out of the "healthcare" business, prices will adjust to a more normal rate.

on a side note, president Obama still can't give a speach, any speach, no matter the size, without the use of a tele-prompter. and he's supposed to be the smartest president ever. for all the garbage that was said about bush being stupid, at least he could give a speach without the use of a tele-prompter. this guy is no genius. a good reader, but no genius.

05 March 2009

women, worthless ?

every time I hear of some girl or woman stay with a man that abuses them, because they " love him". I ask myself, why?. why do women devalue themselves so much. some stay out of fear for their life, which is legit, but in the end only prolongs the inevitable. can someone help me out here, because " I love him" is such as lame ass excuse to stay with someone who abuses you. is it something that is bred into women, is it part of their gene code, an anomaly that can't be explained. women have willingly degraded themselves for money for millenia now. yes, I think prostitution is degrading to women. to soil yourself with the emission of strangers does not give you any value. in the old days, I'm talikng biblical time, I could see it as necessary for some. women at that time actually were worthless. they had less value than animals. now young, cute pre-teen girls with their virginty were worth something. but only to the old perverts that wanted what was between their legs. they would be sold off to these pervs by their own fathers. but this isn't that time, and yet we still have women that believe they have no value. the oldest profession in the world has been "glamourized" as well as "legitamized" and is a multi billion dollar industry. women getting paid to degrade themselves on film, for the world to watch. what has happened to the real feminists, the ones that truly believed in equality of the sexes. todays young women need some good role models to teach them how to value themselves. because seeing another little girl like rihanna stay with a piece of trash like chris brown because she " loves him" is sad. what else is sad, is sorry SOB's like will smith and others that defend him, and trivialize what he has done. chris brown should be in jail, waiting to be tried for attemted murder. not running around in the streets free as a bird. when did beating and choking a person until unconscious, stop being a crime?. it is still, very much a "man's world".

03 March 2009


blah, blah, blah. poor Palestine. everybody feel sorry for palestine. the gaza strip is in ruins because of evil Israel. yup, it's all Israel's fault for everything that is happening in the middle east. much like it is geaotge W. bush's fault for, well, everything else. I am pro Israel, I am a Christian. their god and my god are the same. but even putting that aside, I am still pro Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah have been launching thousands of rockets into Israel for decades now. not a single day goes by without one. now we have Hillary Clinton asking Israel to help stop the violence and make peace with the palestine.

I have a few problems with that. Israel does not have a problem with the " Palestinians", but with Hamas and Hezbollah. it is not Israel attacking them, but rather the opposite. Israel has already given up most if not all of it's territory, save Jerusalem itself in prior " peace deals". Palestine does not want peace, it wants Israel gone. period!.

the word "bi-partisan" comes to mind. well, liberal bi-partisanship. Palestine says how it's going to be, and Israel has to accept it. if not, then they are made to be wrong, obstructionists. they don't want peace, they are the ones getting in the way of peace. anyway, here is Clinton telling Israel that they need to get on board with things. she also says that the US is giving some 300 million in aid to Palestine, along with 500 million from the UN, and 1 billion from, oh, I forgot. but my point is, all this " aid to Palestine, to help rebils the gaza strip because it's destroyed and not a single penny goes to Israel?. are they not our ally?,. freaking A, we help rebuild countries that we fought against in wars, and we have no "aid" for our own allies. that is utter BS. giving monetary aid to the " responsible" Palestinians is like giving aid to the reponsible mexicans. the corrupt leaders take it, and it never gets to where it is intended to go. to help those it was intended to help.

and who are these " responsible" Palestinians anyway?. where are they, what are they doing to help stop the violence?.but chris, their scared,if they say or do anything they will be killed by Hamas or Hezbollah. what can they do?. so then, why are we NOT backing Israel?. does anyone with a brain think that iaraelis like living the way they do?. hoping today isn't the day they die from a rocket out of Palestine.

this is the same scenario we had in Iraq. the people were slow to help us because last time we left them hanging. America promised support, and we renegged on that promise. leaving saddam Hussein to commit all the atrocities he and his sons did. he'll yeah, I would be reluctant to help. but thank god , bush kept his word to the iraqi people, and now they have true freedom. yes, we did WIN the war!!!. it's the same thing all over and over again. American leaders must choose to see right and wrong, good and evil, and not get it twisted. you want peace in the middle east, then go after the ones that destroy peace. you want a stable government in Mexico, so that it's violence will stop pouring into American cities. then go after those who destroy such things.

it was said somewhere to have peace, is to prepare for war. well, something like that. all I know is the "abscence" of war does not mean peace. is America to be "peace keepers" or "peace makers"?. a peace keeper refuses to see a wrong, and therefore does nothing to fix it. a peace maker, sees the wrongs, and fixes them. this is a nation under god, our constitution was founded on godly principles, one being that all men were created equal. and all deserve to be free.

02 March 2009

missile defense-less

an "un-intended consequence" of the Iraq war was the uncovering of the worlds biggest conspiracy against this country. sadly enough, we never hear anything about it. you would think that finding out that France, Germany, Russia ,and china were all in bed with Iraq and funding terrorist activities through the oil for food program would have been headline news.

now we have Obama talking with Russia about not putting missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech republic. was it only last year that the KGB, led by Putin,rolled his army into georgia attempting to put it back under KGB control so that he can control the oil. not to get off topic but we did find WMD's in Iraq, they were shipped to..you guessed it, Russia. but because of "strained relations", gee, I wonder what strained it, bush kept silent about the whole deal.

the missile defense systems that we were to put in those two countries were for our defense as well as poland, the czech republics, and Georgia's. Putin is as deranged as abombinadinnerjacket. and obama's looking to him for help with Iran?. but Iran is such a small country, it poses no threat at all. remember, you member. is there no limit to this administration's naïveté?. diplomacy doesn't work with these people, hello 19 UN resolutions didn't help with Iraq, diplomacy is not working with north korea,russia, and it won't work with Iran. it hasn't worked with Iran. hello, is this thing on, asking Putin to help with Iran, is like asking the wolf to guard the henhouse.

people, we are in some serious deep doodoo.