03 May 2009

may day melée

I found it necessary my dear friends to give my account of what happened two years ago, may 2007. MacArthur park was the place, thousands of "illegal aliens" were gathered together in protest of American laws, that they break everyday, just by their presence alone. after spending hours marching down los angeles city streets, wreaking havoc on local traffic, and business. all this with encouragement and aid of "illegal alien Mexican" sympathizers and supporters like the ACLU, MALDEF, MECCA, LA RAZA, and our very own city government led by a traitorous mayor antonio villaraigosa. the marches were themselves, harmless. but the park is another story, where masked "unlawful combatants", or as I would call them. "illegal alien Mexican criminals" attacked peace officers who were assigned the duty of keeping the peace. they assaulted them with rocks and frozen water bottles sending more than a dozen officers to the ER. in the end the peace officers were demonized and blamed for what happened that night at MacArthur park. the police department was given a black eye that day. and by those who should have upheld them.

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