02 June 2009

Freedom for one, freedom for all

dick Cheney said this quote the other day. "anyone should be able to enter into any union, any arrangement". I tweeted about this and it caused a firerstorm. Cheney has a lesbian daughter, and says this has been an issue for his family for a long time. Basically he's saying she(his daughter) should have the right to marriage. As the former veep he knows that is not constitutional, and the courts have no business trying to make it legal. It's an issue of the heart for him. And I can understand that. My legal issue with all of this is the "slippery slope" theory, or dominoe effect. Let's say that I believe that I have the right to have sex with and marry an underage girl. Who are you to deny me my "right" to do this?. I'm sure there are plenty of men who would support this. Do we then go before the courts and demand that we be recognized?, that they and the people shouldn't have the power to deny us what makes us happy. Under Cheney's premise " any union, any arrangement". I should be allowed to do this. Is this what's next?. What about more than one wife, men with boys, humans with animals, etc. I don't have the right to do what I wrote earlier. It is against the law. Does that mean the law is unfair, or unjust?. No, the law makes everone equal when it is blind, and shows no favoritism to anyone. We are not talking about blacks being treated unfairly and in need of civil rights. gay marriage is not the "new" civil rights. It is political activism at it's worst. It will not end with gay marriage. There will always be a "new" civil rights problem.

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