03 June 2009

Will blacks ever...

will blacks ever admit that they voted for the wrong guy,And for the wrong reason?. I work in the oil industry, and was talking with a fellow employee about the economy and how our business is going to be affected by the rising price of oil. The very first thing he said was "and I'll bet you'll say it barak's fault. Yes, he's black, which also allows him to call the president by his first name. I didn't feel like arguing, especially in a no win situation. So I just moved on. Which brings to mind another incident with a fellow employee(black). That happened right after the election. He asked me if I voted, I said yes. For who, I answered mcain. "it's because he's black, that you didn't vote for barak". I quickly replied "it's because he's black, that you did vote for him". Back to the now. Of everything Obama promised to fix, nothing is. As a matter of fact, everything getting worse. And this by his own admission. Does Rome have to burn before they(blacks) admit their wrongdoing?. That Obama is nothing more than a unqualified joke as president. I hope not. Mid-term elections are coming quicker than you know. I hope they(blacks) will do what is right for the country, and vote for real change. It may seem like I'm picking on blacks. I'm not. They did vote for him as a race at 95%. For them this past election was purely about race. All that mattered was the color of his skin. The one and only qualification they needed to elect him.

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