28 September 2009

Peter pan syndrome?

I have been thinking lately about what has happened in recent history. Or what has changed socially in the recent past that we, as a country have come to this point of accepting socialism as normal. What came to my mind is the "Peter pan" syndrome. People just don't want to grow up. They are responsible, but only because they have to be. Not because they want to be. If they could find a way of having their needs taken care of, not having to do it themselves, they would. Enter socialism. Mommy and daddy government taking care of their kids. If your like me, growing up in a "middle class" working family. You have at one or more times in your life didn't get everything you wanted. Sometimes your parents couldn't afford the $100 jordans, and you had to settle for "payless" shoes. That is part and parcel of life. Same thing with socialism. Government mommy and daddy, because of all their other dependents can't afford to give you everything you want. But you will get what you need. Healthcare, food, clothing, housing, reduced utilities. The only problem is your not living your life to it's fullest potential. You are living a life unrealized. When we were teens, we rebelled against authority, we couldn't wait to live our own lives, and not the lives of our parents. So what happened from then till now? Why are we running headlong into the arms of mom and dad big government. The same authoritarian rules apply. They support you, you live by their means, their rules. I just don't get it.

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