15 October 2009

Signs of the tyrannical times

So. All this hope and change has brought nothing but an over reaching power hungry liberal congress who abuse their power  by attacking a private citizen in rush limbaugh(D- Sheila lee jackson). They did the same thing to Joe "the plumber"  
    Congress is by the people and for the people. Not by the elite and against the people. We also saw how biased the MSM is. If you didn't believe it before you should now. Journalism is dead. They do not show news, they make it up. Everything they said about limbaugh was a lie. Taken from a book- "101 People Who Are Really Screwing America," by John Huberman, which DOES NOT provide specific details regarding the quote. 
    Now onto the 2 jokes of Jackson and sharpton. These two want to pass judgement on rush? Jackson who is a Jew hating, anti- Semite? Who called Jews in NY "hymies" and NY "hymietown" Jackson who had a long standing adulterous affair with a woman and fathered a child with her. this Jackson passes "moral" judgements on limbaugh?
   Sharpton; of Farrakhan, brawley, and duke lacrosse fame! This "race baiter" among race baiters. Who made his name slandering those pesky "white interlopers." he wants to pass judgement on limbaugh.? He has one of the most vulgar and profane mouth's out there.! 
  the libs came out with all guns blazing!, the equivelant of America bringing out the army, navy, air force, and marines. Their mission, to stop a private citizen from owning something!. "don't politicize the NFL" they screamed. All the while, doing the very same thing they screamed not to do. Why all of this? Because liberals hate him!, (they hate and demonize everyone that doesn't have their beliefs). Because he shows them to be the complete fools that they are. And since they can't win any argument on it's merits, they resort to lies, and character assasinations. I posted before about the great and wonderful people that actually play in the NFL. To keep rush out because of his politics is truly sad.
What frightens me the most is, that these actions seem acceptable to people. From congress, MSM, Hollywood and the entertainment industry. "snitch" hotlines! All politics is personal, unless you are effected by it, you stay silent. Eventually it will effect something you care about. Then what are you going to do?. 

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