28 April 2009

destroy America policies

for all you people out there that are purposely and willfully pushing the lie of "manmade global warming". to what end are you doing this?. you are destroying this country. Obama pushed for "cap and trade" policies during his campaign. obama is again pushing for these policies, this time with the help of the "Eco- terrorist" group known as the EPA. who are now pulling permits, previously approved in new Mexico. coal is our cheapest source of energy, providing 51% of our power. "cap and trade" will destroy the coal industry. Obama knows this, but is still insistent on applying this destructive policy. these are everyday, ordinary American citizens just trying to make a living. every single job needs to be saved, and every single industry should have a chance to rebound and grow. government should not be the one determining which jobs, and which industry should be saved. it is UN-AMERICAN. I don't think Obama has had the problem of being "accused" of being an American.

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