28 April 2009

Obama the superstar.

Obama is the only president in US history to abuse his power by forcing networks to carry another one of his lame @$$ speeches. this guy spends more time in front of a camera and on the links than he does in the oval office. so kudos to fox network for sticking to it's regularly scheduled programming, and not bowing down to the dictator himself. but before you go all ballistic on me, fox's decision was not based on going against the president, but rather on money lost from advertisements. in an economy as bad as it is, and with a president so willing to spend obscene amounts of money on dumb-@$$ things such as photo-ops, and special, I mean really special pizza delivery. so why won't Obama pay fair value for the time he gets on national television?. it seems only only fair and right. I personally won't be watching, but people need to get paid, they got bills to pay, families to feed. doesn't he care about them, or has he so soon forgot about where he came from?. the answer of course is no. he was always an "elitist", which explains why after 100 days every single one of his policies that he has rammed through are utter and complete failures. but I digress, if Obama wants to spend so much time in front of a camera, with his infomercial style speeches, he should pay for it.

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