24 April 2009

stand up and be heard

jamie foxx has a new movie out. an acquaintance of mine is going to go see it. you would still go see it, even after what he said about mikey Cyrus?, I asked. yes, I don't let actors/ actresses' words or beliefs stop me from watching a movie they are in. I was taken aback by their response. in a time where even the president is talking about getting our morallity back, stuff like this is going on. my major complaint over this is of course, foxx is black and therefor given a pass on what he said. bloody murder was screamed in the streets when imus called college female basketball players "nappy headed hoes", let us not forget about kramer saying "nigger" while onstage at a comedy club. it's sad that blacks are allowed to get away with racism, just because of slavery. it's seems morallity has become relevant, and only applies to certain people. everybody should have been outraged at what foxx and his friends said about Cyrus. instead of showing passive silence.

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