28 April 2009


arlen specter is this decades jumpin jim Jeffers. "I have always been comfortable in the republican party" says specter. "but I never let the party dictate my beliefs". specter is the epitome of a "politician". do whatever, say whatever, believe whatever will get you elected. the republican party was his chosen vessel in which to get into politics. and ok these many years since he was first elected into office(1966), he is doing it again. switching parties to get himself elected to office. at a recent "tea party", specter was continuously booed by the people. his time is up, he knows it, which is why we have the switch. one of the major differences between the parties is, republicans "play nice". they allow people like specter and Jeffers to remain in the party even though they have some differing views. whereas if you don't tow party line, the democrats will drive you out of the party. remember Lieberman?. the democrats will welcome specter into the party, but only as like an unwanted stepchild, and as long as he is useful.they did not spare Lieberman, they will not spare him. but what the heck, it's politically expedient, and he wants to have a job.

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