19 October 2010

Famous and infamous

Famous and infamous
There was an old Hebrew proverb spoken in the days of Ezekiel: "the father's eat sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge" 
   This is both reflective and indicative of today's leadership in America. They are doing things which are very destructive to the future generations of this country. They do them willingly and knowingly of this destruction, but continue because it will not effect them in the slightest. They will in fact "rest with their fathers" in peace, way before these catastrophes unfold.
   History doesn't remember the mediocre, only the famous and infamous. Liberals today believe they will be remembered as being famous. As doing something so grand that history will laud them for their accomplishments. I do believe they are sincere in this belief, only they are sincerely wrong. 
   History in fact will remember them, forever will the names of Obama, pelosi, Reid be remembered as those who tried to destroy America from within, how America fought a second civil war to ensure the nations survival. A war without guns, a war of ideas! Of what America stands for and represents. 
   History will shine brightly on the American citizens that stood up to tyranny and defeated it without a single shot, without one drop of American red blood being spilled on the ground. As they did their part to ensure that the brave men and women who were fighting for freedom, spilling their blood on foreign soil came back to an America that was still free! 
   No liberals... You won't go down in history as being famous, but rather as being infamous.

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