21 October 2010

Not liberal enough

   This is for Juan Williams, liberal Juan Williams... Black liberal Juan Williams. Take notice of who is fighting and defending your right to free speech. It's not the NAACP, ACLU, the congressional black caucus, or any other minority civil rights organization. The historic first black president of the united states has not come to your defense either. 
   No, your greatest defenders are conservatives! You know, those white racist's that you love to hate. Yes, we are standing up for you, not your beloved liberal friends.
   For those democrats that haven't sold their souls to liberal ideology, mr. Williams was not fired because he's a liberal, he was fired because he was not liberal enough for the ideology. He didn't in this case tow party line, so he was let go. Now I don't expect this to change williams' ideology or way of thinking, he is who he is. Just ask Joe Lieberman. After the democrat party threw him overboard when he lost his primary, he went on to win as an independent and To this day, he still votes 99% with the democrat party... Go figure. 
   Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for Williams, he got a small taste of what he has done to conservatives for many years. So no tears for you here. One last note, just so you know. Fox network, yes the evil racist fox network picked up mr. Williams' for a multi million dollar 3 year exclusive contract. Hhmm... Maybe his mind can be changed, time will tell.

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