14 October 2010

Don't ask, don't tell

   last week some moron for some military committee was asked about the " don't ask, don't tell " policy put into effect in the early 90's by then president bill clinton. he said that he agreed with it and enforces it, but personally thinks that being gay is being immoral. No big deal, he can believe whatever he wants, just as long it does'nt interfere with the policy's implementation.
   I personally do not see anything wrong with gays being in the military, how does their being gay effect the way they serve? do they shoot crooked? is their judgement affected so that they cannot tell friend from foe, ally from enemy? When soldiers are questioned they all say the same thing: "gays make us feel uncomfortable" living in close quarters and all, and they find it hard to focus on their given tasks. What? is the only reason gays join the military is pick up on some fine military ass? stop kidding yourselves! you're all not so fine that they are willing to risk their careers over you! As a matter of fact they join for the same reason that straights join for... pride, training with the most high tech equipment there is, to protect the ones that they love. Don't they have the same rights to do this as you? they are not willing to risk all this for a piece of ass!
   the military is not out "witch hunting" the gays serving, a "gay rights" group, in response to the before mentioned moron claims that there are about 64,000 gays presently serving in the military today. That's 64,000 seving without incident! I make this claim with somewhat as-surety being that if there were "witch hunts" going on, we would have heard of them already. The problem with gays serving in the military does not come from the gays serving themselves, but from fringe wacko activist groups that demand that gays be able to serve "openly".
   what the hell does "openly" mean? can anyone tell me? what... do they want military issue cammie thongs instead of cammie boxers? Do they want to sashey instead of march? and when it gets hot, do they want to pull up their shirts and tie the front into a knot so that their midriff shows? what... openly means anything and everything without blame. When you join the military you swear to do a few things, one of them being to follow the codes of conduct. The military is governed by them. One of these codes is "sexual conduct, or mis-conduct" if a hetero breaks this code it is called sexual harassment. it is normal, well accepted, not taken lightly, and always punished(when reported). If a gay does it, when it is reported, you are considered to be a homophobe, diseased and in need of therapy...why? It all boils down to the same thing "sexual mis-conduct"and it should not be allowed, and always punished.
   As one who did not serve in our military, I write as one who is on the outside looking in. In my ever so humble opinion, In this time of war, I would rather be in the field with an openly gay soldier than a hidden racist. I would not trust a racist to cover my back, but a homosexual wouldn't hesitate. No pun intended.

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