29 October 2010

Life and death

   I went to my friend's mother's funeral this morning, like always... They are awkward to say the least. The term "bittersweet" comes to mind.
   I believe that when someone close to you dies, a part of you dies with them. This leaves a hole and void in your life that cannot be filled with anyone or anything else in this world. So we mourn they're passing but rejoice that they are in a better place. 
   As I ponder this thing we call death, I see similarities between it and birth. The pain that comes with childbirth is only taken away when the child is delivered and replaced by the joy of a new life brought into this world. 
   We must go through this pain in order to have the joy that awaits us. Like childbirth we wait in anticipation for the joy to come, in death do we not do the same thing? We wait in anticipation for the appointed time when we will see those we love so dearly, who have gone on before us again. Then we will celebrate in much gladness and joy!

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