22 October 2010

Liberalism and the matrix

As my family will attest, I am a movie person. I like to take out similarities between life and the movies; There's a lot of fiction in these non- fiction movies. If this post were a series of movies, it would be the sequel to my Juan williams' piece. 
   Let's delve in now, shall we. There is a part in the original matrix movie where neo was "unplugged" from the matrix. As he was brought aboard the nebuchadnezzar, he faintly looked at morphius and morphius said "welcome to the real world" this is how williams' must feel. He must be somewhat disillusioned to the whole idea that he was free to and say what he wanted to. In reality he was always being controlled by powers he never knew existed.
   Liberalism is the matrix, liberals are the agents, and democrats; the people enslaved and conservatives are the freedom fighters trying to free those who are enslaved. Part of the whole matrix scenario is that 'if your not free, you are part of the system' and can therefor be used by the agents to attack you. In this reality, we see it all the time, people being arrested for speaking out against obama at a rally, the firing of people that don't go along with his plan. Etc... The list is quite long, but listing these offenses is not what this blog is about. 
   I believe we are fighting a war in which the existence of this nation is at stake. The right to life, liberty; the pursuit of happiness... Our very freedom itself is being attacked. If we don't stand up now, it could be very well, too late. Those who are "plugged" into the matrix, live a life of ignorant bliss, they don't realize that they are enslaved. We who have this knowledge, MUST fight to free them, and to keep our own liberties. We are endowed by our CREATOR certain unalienable rights... And these rights are worth fighting and dying for.

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