05 December 2008

stupid and ignorant people making fools of themselves

o.j. Simpson is a murdering SOB.he was guilty of butchering ron Goldman and his ex wife nicole.it was a travesty of justice that he got off.he was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping this morning.yet after sentencing.the father and sister of ron goldman.the innocent man that Simpson butchered.all you hear are a bunch of A-holes shouting "you are a racist Goldman".it's just sad to see idiot people like this as they support a murdering butcher.these people do not know Simpson at all,yet there they are making fools of themselves.it really does seem that this country HAS gone to he'll in a handbasket.when you can commit the crimes that Simpson did and still be a "celebrity".I just can't help but cringe here in my seat.

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