13 December 2008


yea,I know how to spell his name.I just think he is a class 1 A-hole.isn't it funny,how whenever a "republican" pisses wrong you have all those parrots in the MSM echo "republican".then you have "hot rod" blagojavech caught red handed trying to sell Obama's vacant senate seat,and all you hear are crickets chirping.no mention whatsoever that he is a democrat.so here is colon(R) talking crap about republicans in general,gov. palin, and rush limbaugh.I'm glad you to took time off from sucking on Obama's manhood to do this.we appreciate it.we would appreciate it even more if you stop lying about which party you belong to.you are not a republican,you are not even in public service,so why the hell do you put a "R" in front of your name.I know you want to feel important,and be invited to all the big parties.just stop lying.we (republicans) do not need your advice on how to fix our party.you and all the other "liberal" republicans need to just go and stay gone.it was you and your ilk that cost us this election.on behalf of the true(conservative) republican party,here is a parting gift for you.it's an extra large can of "shut the he'll up!".

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