07 December 2008

useless scientists

this is a rhetorical question.but why is there so much fear in this country of christians and christianity.Christianity has been taken out of our schools.no bibles,no praying,no extra curricular activities.in health/biology you cannot teach abstinance.why?.you have all these theories taught as facts.theory of evolution,big bang theory,theory of reletivity,etc.but you cannot teach creationism.the more scientist attempt to dis-prove the bible and what is says,the more they prove it's truths!.I am not saying that you have to believe in creationism.that should be up to each and every individual to decide.I am saying it should be a viable option.now to the point of this blog.the Cincinnati zoo made a promotional agreement with the creationist museum in Kentucky.to have a festival of lights and Christmas themes event at the musuem.it's aim to show the effects of biblical history in todays present and future world.of course some crackpot scientist got his panties in a bunch wrote a scaring letter to the zoo,and blogged about this event.in his blog he told his readers to write the zoo and complain also.which they did(monkey see,monkey do).so the zoo received hundreds of e-mails hitching about this promotion.and of course the zoo caved in and cancelled.this idiot scientist went on to say that creationists are an embarrasment to society and a laughing stock to the world for their @$$ backwards beliefs.this guy and all those who believe what he believes are like algore and global warming.the debate is not over,and why are you so afraid of such debate.your desire to be relevent has made you look like an impotent limp man.totally useless.

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