10 December 2008

why is it that louis Farrakhan,who has done good things for his people,is dismissed so easily by talk radio.they(talk radio) seems to focus solely on the fact that he(Farrakhan) is an anti-Semite,and Jew hater.because of this his word,or opinions on todays events are worthless?,and not to be taken seriously?.why then,do these same talk radio hosts continue to call on this SOB Christopher hitchens.he is an anti-god,Christian hater.when rev.Falwell died not too long ago.this piece of crap not only spit in falwell's face,but pissed on his grave.the very next day at that.so why does his opinion matter on todays events,why do they call him up.why is he not treated the same way as farrakhan.that is like a leper.if one is a paraiah,so should the other be.

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