08 December 2008

double your pleasure

where to start,where to start...whoever did in Hoffa,and buried him needs to do the same thing to the unions,all unions.the most destructive force in the workplace are unions.for decades now they have priced their members out of good paying jobs that the members themselves wanted.unions are not all bad,it's the corruptiveness that ruins them.back in the late 80's to early 90's I was a member of the teamsters.for three years all they were good for was keeping bad employees employed,and taking your dues every check.here webare 20 years later,and they're still the same.

2).heckle and jeckle
how long must we continue to suffer with the insufferable?.to hear chris dodd and barney frank continually open up their pie holes talking about "responsibility".these two clowns are behind this whole economic mess we are in.they gave away 700 billion without even a by your leave.is it not the pot calling the kettle black?.telling the auto industry that they need to replace those who are in charge,because they are responsible for getting their companies in this mess in the first place.these two jokers should be replaced for causing this economic meltown we are in now.people who live in glass houses should not be casting stones.time will tell the truth,they cannot cover up their own shame forever.mark my words,as republicans grow their spines back,and become conservative again.the truth of who and what party caused this mess will be told.

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