16 December 2008

2x1 Christmas special

as most of you have heard by now.the president had two shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter.the funny thing is,this guy is a real hero to our MSM.he did something they wished they would have done.of course the president is the villian.an un-named reporter says "doesn't the president know what a serious thingt this was.what a serious insult".as the president downplayed the whole event,he is now being impugned by this MSM for being so non-chalant about the incident.isn't it ironic,that what Obama is praised for,the president is impugned?.Obama is cool,collected,doesn't let anything get under his skin.even when he was in the thick of election battle.he always took the high road.so here is the president doing the exact same thing,yet he is treating the "middle eastern" people with contempt.because he doesn't know what an insult it is...or does he?.yes folks,he is deliberately mocking them.so says the MSM.

FRESNO – California fish and wildlife managers moved forward Thursday with plans to protect a fish species that plays an important ecological role in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a move that could further restrict water pumping throughout the state. The Fish and Game Commission voted 3-0 Thursday to consider listing the longfin smelt as a threatened or endangered species under state law.

It also adopted emergency regulations requiring state and federal water managers to scale back pumping operations in the next 180 days whenever longfin smelt are near the massive pumps that send water to more than 25 million Southern Californians.
Environmental groups blame excessive water pumping from delta for the plummeting of the longfin smelt and their cousin, the delta smelt.
Last summer, a federal judge ordered federal and state water authorities to reduce the amount of water they pump through the delta in a bid to protect the delta smelt.

The pumping restrictions adopted Thursday for the longfin smelt could mean additional stoppages because longfin smelt move into the delta and spawn earlier than the delta smelt, according to a Department of Fish and Game memo.

this was an AP story from feb.7 2008.earlier it was reported even more pumping stoppage 20-30% more and in extreme cases up to 50%.throughout all this they(EPA) never say what role these fish play in the ecological system.who gets screwed from all this?,we do,southern california.this is the main source of our water supply.our way of living is compromised because of a stupid useless fish.all bow down to the eco-terrorist's

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