10 December 2008

triple threat

1).a day without a gay:
as a proponent of prop 8,I actually like this idea.i disagree with it's premise(equallity).gays and lesbians already have equal rights.as far as the law is concerned.beneficiaries,medical benefits,etc.this idea was born from the illegal alien idea of a day without a Mexican.only nobody is questioning the "importance" of gays contributions to society.my only major problem with this is if radicals take over.you cannot "legally" call in "gay" to work,and expect to get paid for the day.it is not a legitimate excuse for missing.any company has the right to terminate any employee that does it.you are considered a "walkoff".this is where the radicals take over with their threats of boycotts and lawsuits.this idea goes farther than just taking the day off.it also encourages those who take the day off to do works of charity.you catch more bees with honey.

2).where is the feminist anger?:
last week a photo of an Obama speech writer was put on the Internet.this photo showed the speech writer grabbing the right breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton.also in the picture was an in-named friend pulling clinton hair and head back,tonguing her ear,while pouring beer down her throat.is this not sexist to the Nth degree.yet there was no anger from any feminist group whatsoever.I know why they(feminsts) didn't back gov. palin,but Hillary is one of them.Hillary herself showed no anger.I guess boys will be boys,as long as they're lefties.or maybe she is just used to being treated like garbage by men.oh,the sacrifices one must make for political power.

3).another corrupt cop?:
we already have one cop on trial(mike corona)for corruption.we now have L.A. county sherriff lee baca talking about bribes and political favors.obama wants to tap some of our LAPD officers to help with the inaugural security.we are talking 1.7 million to do this.1 million we(the city) would cover.but possibly,Obama would pay for the whole trip.baca says "this would be good for the city,because sometime in the future,we might need a favor".is this not bribery?,quid pro who?.yes,let's send our police officers to help with security,this way,Obama will owe us a favor.political corruptness knows no bounds.

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