11 December 2008

Batak Obama:bad role model?

Barak Obama is a smoker.smoking and smokers have been demonized for decades now.all their rights to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness have been taken away.by the kooks on the left,with their extreme legislation.people who smoke can't smoke anywhere anymore,because it is illegal.it is illegal to smoke in the whitehouse.but Obama assures us that we will "never SEE him smoke" in the whitehouse.doesn't Obama know how people think about smokers?,how much they are hated?.I've seen the commercials,evil,uncaring smokers killing innocent men,women,and children with second hand smoke.for eight years we've been told how stupid bush is,yet he neither drank nor smoked.so how stupid is Obama for doing something that be knows will kill not only himself,but those he loves,and the innocents around him.obviously stupid enough not to care.

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