02 January 2009

hello...I'm back !

>I hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and happy new year.in the spirit of Christmas,you know.good will towards men.I chose not to be my normal obnoxious self by blogging on anything,let alone politics.I did not even go through any of my websites to read up on what's happening politically.which by the way,made for a beautifull Christmas and new years.I did though try to get my daily fix of "CGGB".needless to say,not much happened there.so I went total archival!.ok,time for some catchup.ramblingman just turned the big 40 on dec. 20,I spent 4days in vegas to celebrate.I also celebrated my 12th weddidng anniversary on the same day(a story to be told later).Christmas was awesome,new years...safe and sane,and now I look forward to a very prosperous year.I also am returning to work after 3 months off because of my back.definately looking forward to that.a man can only wear a skirt for so long(chauvenist pig comment).anyway I'll hit ya back later.

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