21 November 2008

world toilet day

today is world toilet day.the days of "flushing toilets" is over they say.make way for the new waterless toilets.these toilets know how to seperate urine from fecies.what it does with them,I don't know.

what I do know is this.I found a new job for the Mayer of los angeles.this job is right up his alley.back a few years ago,when "illegal aliens" marched down the streets of los angeles.he stood at a podium and shouted...


since you are more interested in being an activist/lobbyist,when you give up your position as mayor.there will be a toilet brush and jumpsuit(with the name bubba on it) waiting for you.it seems to me,it might get a little ugly in them thare bowls without water.

just another PSA announcement for you

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