12 February 2009

aren't there enough...

>aren't there enough "rich liberals" out there with enough guilt to pay for every liberal program out there?.why does the government need my money to fund their liberal projects.it's no great secret,this guilt that the rich have.why they look for all the "social" causes to champion.maybe it's crocodile guilt,they feel guilty,just not enough to part with any of their money.democrat john Kerry insists that the taxpayer get no stimulus money." they won't spend it the right way,on the right things".yea,we would spend it on stupid things like food,or paying off some debt,possibly even buying a car.you know irresponsible things like that.Kerry believes that if you get government money,government should have a say on how you spend it.they're doing it with the banks,what makes you think that you're special.seriously though,with all the money out there between the soro's,geffen's,spielberg's,Hollywood,and the entertainment biz,why can't all their causes be fully funded by them.let me have mine,and we'll all be just fine.

like they say in jail..."bend over a crack 'em!.
california's got a budget,and Californian's got screwed!.yep,that breeze you're feeling is your skirt being lifted,and your panties pulled down.
sales tax went from 8.25-9.75
gas tax from .18-.30 cents per gal.(add 9.75% sales tax on top).
registration fees just doubled.
there is also a "luxury tax" for lack of a better word.being a higher than 9.75% tax on big items like cars,houses.
there was other stuff,but I forgot.and you wonder why soo many people are leaving the state and taking up residence somewhere else.even the "illegal aliens" are leaving.why in the world are californian's not asking for schwarzenneger's head!?!.villaraigosa's also for that matter.we recalled Davis because of his registration tax,this idiot has screwed us much worse.villaraigosa is doing the same thing to the city of L.A.

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