28 February 2009

watch out for the FUDS!

as I mentioned in my last blog I found myself in a huge mess on one of my favorite web sites. you see, I was mistaken for a "troll". now a troll is a liberal blogger who goes onto conservative sites and " muddies" up the stream of comments. how can I have possibly been confused as a "troll". easy, I had a "dissenting" view. upon further review I noticed that there were self appointed and self annointed "troll hunters". these would spot the troll, identify the troll, then go after "it". I'm going to call these people "FUDS". no it is not an acronym, it is more like FUD, as in ELMER. ssshhh!, be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting trolls. hehhehhehheh. unlike wabbit and duck season, hunting trolls is never out of season. it's a full time job and it even comes with a benefits package. no experience is required, training is available. basically if you can point and shoot a gun, you're a shoe in.no discretion needed, shoot first, ask questions later. so, happy hunting : )

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