25 February 2009


an army soldier who went AWOL January 6th was arrested in boulder Colorado thanks to a tip given to police.end of story,NOT!.you would think it is,but sadly it wasn't.the reported took it upon himself to take a shot at the soldier by reoprting that when he was booked,he had three pairs of panties in his pocket,and was wearing a thong underneath his boxers.

where did he get them,what was he doing with them?,the writer ask's.what is this world coming to,when a perfectly straight guy can't wear a thong?.I'm pretty sure he is straight,mainly because the writer would put himself in deep doodoo if this guy was gay.the activist would have been all over him for embarrasing him,ridiculing him,persecuting him,you name it.the bottom line is he would have been toast.also if he were gay,the writer would have attacked the army instead of the soldier.

this writer made the story more about the underwear he was wearing rather than him being AWOL.and to finish him off,he let the world know where he was stationed,what company,and brigade.can you smell lawsuit,defamation of character.I think it could stick.I don't believe that the boulder PD went out and gave a news conference just to tell you the guy was wearing a thong.which is somewhat what the writer said happened."upon booking,the police said he had three pairs of panties in his pocket,and was wearing a thong under his boxers".yep,that's totally relevant to the story.

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