01 February 2009


as all the leaders of the works gathered this past weekend in Davos switzerland.one thing remained the same.the world's hatred of the united states.we were again bashed,not just by the loonies from the soviet union and china,but also from our other so called friends.France was saying that the Obama administration was engaging in "protectionist" policies.which is true,only here we call it "socialism".another leader said "just because GM has a new CEO,doesn't mean were all going to go out and by their cars".refering to the Obama administration.

translation:just because Obama is president now,don't think we all accept you (America).we still hate you.throughout his campaign,Obama apologized for America.claiming it was bush and his "cowboy diplomacy" as why the world hated us.Obama ripped America when he stumped in Germany.and it was the Germans ripping us at this summit!.I hate repeating this,not only because it is redundant.but it has a sense of mantra to it.but it bears repeating.we were sold a bill of goods with Obama.part of it being that the world would no longer hate us if he was elected.you know,the whole messiah thing.Obama got elected,and the world still hates us,the sea levels haven't receeded,the earth hasn't cooled,the economy has not been fixed,our mortgages haven't been paid,our tanks filled with gas,bills paid,poverty abolished,sicknesses healed,racism stopped.this messiah sucks!.good thing I believe in the real messiah,Jesus Christ!.I hope some of those messiah colored glasses are coming off now,and people are beginning to see this guy for the phony he is.

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