21 February 2009

do we really need?...

do we really need another awards show?,where pompous,arrogant,self-absorbed,ego-centric,sycophants showing America how beautiful and rich they are.if it were not for the minimum wage peasants that do all the "dirty work".there would be nonreason at all to watch.not that I do.I've never been one to fawn all over actors and actresses.to me,it's just another job.don't get me wrong,I don't mind rewarding success,but all these different awards for the same people is overkill.what is it that goes through the minds of the people that have to watch live,or set their dvr's,TiVo's,and still VHS'.can someone please explain this to me.

my problem with Hollywood is their political activism,and that they actually believe they are larger than life.that they actually "become" some of the characters they play.now at this award night,most,if not all the "participants" will be wearing white ribbons in support of gay marriage.there is no shame in their game.use whatever or whoever to further your cause.to willingly shove their activism down the throats of the viewers,shows a debth of contempt that is uncalculable.their arrogance is not without merit,still,many people will still watch,those who are on the other side poitically.why,not because they are sado-masochist's,but because they can seperate themselves from their politics.something that Hollywood is unable,or unwilling to do.

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