21 February 2009

rise from the ashes !

I witnessed something I believed to be mythical.the re-birth of the dead? MSM.like a phoenix that rises from it's ashes,so is the MSM.the MSM was vital in getting Barak Obama elected.but how was this done?.if you listen to talk radio,"objective journalism" is no longer alive.that might be so,but what is in it's place,could be far worse.witness the birth of "entertainment news".the equivalent of talk radio.when you look at things from the entertainment angle,which is talk radio.

rush,hannity,levin are "entertainers".they take the news of the day and comment on them.the better you are,the more listeners you get,the more you make.it truly is an open and free market.

it doesn't matter how you re-package,re-invent shit,it's still shit,and people won't buy it.which is why "progressive" radio is a complete failure.which begs the question,why bring back the "fairness doctrine",in any form.don't forget,the MSM were a major factor in obama's election.with millions less viewers,than listeners on radio to boot.rush,hannity,levin,combined,have about 50 million listeners.the viewing audience for these televised shows is considerably less.so has the tide turned,is the shoe on the other foot?.what is talk radio going to do,to be more competative in this industry.it seems the student has now become the master.in a perfect world,this would be a good thing.but last time I checked,this world is far from perfect.which means that the democrats will still go forward with some form of the "fairness doctrine".because as we all know,it's never been about fairness or equality,but domination.it is about squashing alternative opinions.

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