06 February 2009

Hollywood activism

today LA times,Hollywood rejoicing after Obama statement that he would reverse bush's ban on GOV. FUNDED embryonic stem cell research.producer jerry zucker and wife,along with other Hollywood elites say "finally!,science is legal again".I never knew so many people can be so utterly ignorant."science" was never illegal,embryonic stem cell research showed absolutely no promise at this time.adult stem cell research yielded better results.if there was promise in ESC research than let the private market fund it,not the federal government.that was bush's policy.this is nothing more than the same Hollywood liberals who believe in abortion for any cause who want nothing more than "cloning" of human life.this is what it is all about.no value human life grown in a lab,then killed for research.all in the name of "science".these hypocrites cry bloody murder when companies do "research" on animals,raise livestock and chickens for food,yet not even a whimper comes out of their collective mouths when it comes to butchering millions upon millions of babies.in just two weeks in office,Obama has signed legislation,closing gitmo,funding abortion around the world and we can now add funding of babies farms for the sole purpose of eradicating their lives.

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