15 February 2009

where did the help come from?

by now,you might have heard the name "henrietta Hughes".she is the homeless woman who not only managed to make it,get into,she was able to ask Obama a question.I'm paraphrasing...I'm homeless and all I want is a small house with a small kitchen and my own bathroom.so Obama tells her to get in touch with his peeps after the meeting.he was going to help her out.

well,she got a house.not from Obama or any democrat organization,or policy.no,she got help from a REPUBLICAN!!!.the wife of republican.Illinois state representative nick Thompson.she offered Hughes a home to stay in "rent free" for as long as she needs it.every news report out there fails to report this.rather,they "infer" that it was an Obama policy,or that it was the "democrats" that helped her.

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