28 February 2009

friendly fire

damn people there is some serious shiznit going on out there in the blogosphere.I don't know if iwas just at the wrong place at the wrong time or these over zealous mofo's were actually out to get me.whatever it was it was a total clusterfuck for me.80% of me says wrong place wrong time.only because there was only really one other guy with a dissenting view.so maybe I was just lumped in the same category as him labeled as an enemy.but I didn't talk like that guy did so that makes the other 20% of me say yes,they were out to get me.and only because I held a different view than theirs.the funny part about all this was that there was more shit talked about my spelling sentence structure and punctuation than about my view.

as I went back and read the thread again it seemed like my antagonistic friends were somewhat conflicted.like they weren't really sure if I was who they made me out to be.which would explain why they never really went in for a kill.towards the end one did finally make up his mind and deemed me an enemy.but it's cool if you can't stir up any controversy than you're not doing your job right.I really felt sorry for the people who were trying to understand everything but got lost in the fray.

anyway I look forward to our next encounter who knows maybe we'll be on the same side of the issue.but if not...watch out for the fireworks.oh yea for what it's worth this goes out to my new friends.I do ALL my blogging and commenting from my iPhone and any with an iphone will tell you.it guesses words for you in case they are mid-spelled <----case in point mid instead of mis.I am not behind a computer I am really texting all my responses.so there you have it so now stop bitching so much about it.

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