29 January 2009

thank you leslie oneill

daily news "commentator" leslie o'neill takes time to take another jab at former pres bush.with a thinly veiled column,she writes Obama, mistakes panes window for door.she laughs it off,saying it was an innocent mistake."he was in a hurry,just leaving the meeting with congressional republicans about his stimulus plan".then she goes off talking about how stupid bush was,because he tugged on a locked doorknob.you know with Obama in office now,you would think that these political hack commentators would have more than enough Obama to "stimulate" themselves with.that they wouldn't need bush to get off on,anymore.

by the way,Obama's "stimulus bill"...passed the house without one single republican vote (thank GOD) taking time off from being the messiah,obama put on his pontious pilate garb and quickly washed his hands of the whole deal.saying he doesn't"own" this bill.

oh,you own it alright!.

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