16 January 2009

the oldest profession

so it seems the world's oldest profession is still alive and very well.there is a college girl who wants to get a masters in something (it doesn't matter to me) who is "selling" her "virginity" to the highest bidder.she says there is nothing wrong with what she is doing.as a matter of fact her sister prostituted herself to pay for her education.I guess keep it in the family was one of their motto's.I guess if youbtell yourself something enough times you tend to believe it.she believes that what she is doing is not prostitution.let me see.selling your body for money=not prostitution. and 2+2=5,yea,I know.she goes on to say that it is just sex,just a one night stand,nothing more.she also doesn't regret what she is doing,so don't feel bad or sorry for her.to my estimate the top bid is at $2.5 mil lastly she says that the both of them will benefit "greatly" from this transaction.now speaking as a guy,there ain't no p***y in the world worth that much.now I can see spending that amount on a woman (wife) over a lifetime of marriage,but not for a one night stand.the person who wrote the article at the end had this question.with girl's virginity's being thrown away at such young ages today(they themselves do not even give value to their own virtue) why would anyone,anyone be willing to pay such a price for something of no value.why ask why... a fool and his money are soon parted.

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