15 January 2009

okay,let me get this straight

the liberal democrats along with their loyal accomplices the MSM viciously and mercilessly attacked "joe the plumber" for not paying his taxes.a mere 2-3 grand.but this geithner character failed to pay his taxes to the tune of $34,000 and it's "no big deal".this guy is going to be the next "treasury secratary" of the united states.and it's no big deal that he doesn't pay his own taxes.can the hypocricy be more blatant?,are there no more sane people left out there to speak out about this?.

another bit of liberal hypocricy?...
is it just me,or does anyone else believe that in such dire economic times as these.where people have lost jobs,homes,and health.that Obama is spending a whopping $150 million on his inauguration?.I mean with the class warfare they perpetuate,don't they run the risk of being hated by those who elected them.the voting populace that has bought into the "class envy" propaganda.the rich get rich while the poor get poorer.are they not showing their rich elitism.$150 million,and they bitches about gov.palin's wardrobe,that wasn't even hers.

just a quick question
is there any buyers remorse out there yet?...

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