20 January 2009


what is this BS that we are getting from our state legislature.they want to put it to the people of California by a "special election".whether we will allow our taxes to be raised.what the he'll did we put these imbeciles in office for?.they are there to make sure this state is run correctly.every single one of them should be fired and thrown out of office.from the top all the way down to the bottom.what do we pay these people for?.they want a special election so they can just outright lie about everything and get you to vote more taxes.for what,so they can wash their dirty hands of everything and have no accountability.it is there jobs to to balance the budget,let them do what needs to be done to fix this mess wer'e in.after all,they caused it.this is nothing more than a ploy to keep their jobs.they know full well,that they are worthless turds.so go ahead,raise our taxes,withhold our rebate checks,cut spending for our schools,police and fire departments.this is what needs to be done.and after your finished screwing us even more than we are already being screwed.we,the people WILL fire every single one of you.starting with scwarzenneger!.

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