23 January 2009

aren't gays humans?

do gay people like it when you address them as "gay",.you know gay this,gay that.this is my freind Steve,he's gay.this is my co worker Sharon,she's a lesbian.has being gay been so politicized that one can't seperate the two.human and gay.aren't they just people like you and me?.just Steve and Sharon?.do they introduce themselves this way?.I'm Steve,and I'm gay,nice to meet you.should we put them(gays/lesbians) in shirts that have a big old "G" or "L" on it so that everyone will know,and,heaven forbid,mistake them for a heterosexual.it just seems to me,to be insulting and degrading to them as human beings.am I looking at this the right way?.or is it a more sinister thing like homo-superior,all bow down.I personally think it is degrading and shamefull to treat a person as sub-human by labeling them.whatever the label might be.

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