29 January 2009

feeling their pain

there is a crisis going on in the liberal world right now.with former president George w. bush out of office now.liberal psycho pundits have nothing to say.consumed by BDS,they spent all their time in their pathetic meaningless lives spewing out hatred for bush.and now that he's gone,they don't know what to do.bill maher,rosie o'donnell,joy behar.they are all walking around with their thumbs up their rears,and confounded look on their faces.

we need to bail them out.so if there is anyone out there that knows how to get a hold of their publicist's.let them know,I feel their pain,and am willing to say very conservative and politically in-correct things so they can vent the anger inside of them.they must look like the girl in the charley and the chocolate factory movie that blew up and turned blue after eating that crazy gum.I can imagine them all swollen,all that stored up hatred.I'm talking powder keg,waiting to go off.

I can help with their problem,and it only takes one step.

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