13 January 2009

my take on rick warren

who needs him anyway !,let's just get rid of the whole invocation prayer in it's entirety.this government has been getting rid of god in everything else.dang nabbit ! what about seperation of church and state.Christians are nothing more than mean spirited hate filled hloier than thou's anyway.

j/k !!!

this is what I would call a no win situation.first if mr. warren had declined,all Christians would have been labeled as "haters".second,he did accept,and all Christians are still labeled as haters.third,and this is the icing on the cake.liberals get to watch "Christians" go at it with each other over his being chosen(warren).you see,not all Christians agree with his positions and stance on "certain subjects".

as a Christian his being chosen doesn't bother me in the least.he is still a christian and it is a priveledge to pray for the incoming president.when the rubber hits the road,we,all of us(Americans) want this country to be great.I just have one question...

why don't the same people that hate Christians and Christianity,hate Obama?.
he is a Christian,himself,and to my knowledge did not support the anti-8 crowd.just food for thought.

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