15 January 2009

when did...

so when did doctor's stop being doctor's?.my accident prone 15 year old son got hurt again,while playing football,again.this time instead of getting knees to the chest and missing abfew days of school due to a bruised sternum.he got his bottom lip split open from a head butt.now onto the drama.the doctor that sees my kids would not see him,so I had to take him to the ER.he needed stitches,so we wait and wait and wait.5 hours in this place and nothing.so we choose to go to a different ER and are there another couple of hours.for what,for nothing!.it appwlears that after a certain amount of time...6 hours or so the body starts to heal itself.so now my son has what looks like a stuffed sausage with a hole in the middle with a bit of stuffing coming out the hole.the best the doctor can do is just clean it up.so yes I'm kinda mad.I wonder if I can sue,I mean my sons face is going to be somewhat deformed.so anyway,I spent 8 1/2 hours in the ER waiting rooms,basically for them to do nothing.TTYL

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